Power of meditation

After practicing meditation for a little more than two years on a regular basis , I can say that the results are astonishing.

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Let me cut it short and describe how it helped me and how it might help you in general:

  • Clarity of thought in life. I was aware of my short comings and knew that I had to work on them.
  • Improved mental strength.
  • Ability to cut off negativity from your life ( people , habits etc )
  • Ability to start new things. ( skills , languages , explorations etc )
  • Unleashing a new world inside of you and realizing that the mind has infinite potential as infinite as the universe.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Forgetting the brutality of our “Pasts”. Past is a desert. Don’t go back unless you like desert safaris.

Things to remember while meditating on a daily basis:

  • One should integrate the skills honed while meditating in daily life. Or else it’ll be useless. Too much purity in thought can distort your perceptions of reality.
  • Excess meditation might disappoint you about how the world works. Just meditate enough to balance all levels of your existence. ( Material , spiritual , physical and mental ).
  • Journal writing is effective. Record your thoughts pre and post meditation. Observe how they change over time. Write down your issues in your journal and try to seek answers within. There will definitely be fruitful results.
  • Use it to help yourself and others. Spread love. Reduce anger. Others observe and learn so many things from you. It is a great motivational tool.
  • Use it to study or work. It’ll improve your efficiency and fetch you good results.
  • Relationships can improve when either of the partners meditate. This will help in balancing the bond. I’m telling this from seeing many people who are happy while they’re in this path of meditation.
  • Read any good books : Self-help , financial , psychological , spiritual etc. Meditate over the essence and try to understand what the book says.

That’s it guys. These are what I’ve experienced. I may still be a novice at meditating but I’m going to experiment real hard and get back sooner with new results. Till then , happy meditating and enter a new world of infinite possibilities and peace!


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Too many dots to connect , yet one purpose.



I’m too young to answer this question “What is our purpose here?”
I strongly believe we’re just bunch of flesh covered skeletons with an evolved consciousness. Just imagine about not taking a step to ask out someone , or leaving your job or taking that ride or trekking in the hills. Would that really matter in ten years? It somehow appears that everything is scripted but going with the uncertain tide called “time” that takes us wherever it wants to , living life becomes fun , especially when you don’t expect anything.

Is our purpose in life to find the hidden purpose inside of us or is it to connect the dots. Can it also be that our purpose is to embrace everything and strive to evolve and expand our consciousness?Well , this certainly takes a lead role when you’re on higher levels of spiritual evolution. Let us assume that our body is driven by a metaphysical entity called “soul”. As in math we assume unknown entities to be “x” or “y” only to prove it later with sort of reverse engineered techniques.That is a sole driver of our existence. Our purpose should be to maintain purity of this soul. Is there a possibility that when we die , our soul gets shifted to higher realms of unknown dimensions where our consciousness gets shifted to bodies that are far more intelligent than human species?Well , this is good for science fiction. But there’s a possibility. If this thought exists in our mind , there’s a far higher possibility of this situation to exist in some other world , for mind is as infinite as the universe as it is just energy manifestation of two halves of our brain. Do we have secrets to the universe , that in deepest of deepest conscious states we have access to this?

Meditation helps certainly in answering these questions. What’s the use of knowing about such possibilities if we on earth have lot to worry about?

Well , if we unleash few secrets of the universe , we can certainly get access to different worlds. Who knows if we could find mutations to our genes , we may alter our entire genetic structure and extend our lifespan , protect earth from next extinction phase , change the entire earth for good.

For now , our prime question remains , what next? Purity in everything should be our goal , so that we can move to higher levels in life. Do share your insights on spirituality and evolution of consciousness. We can definitely reach greater heights in life when we collectively connect the dots.

Like Shakespeare said

” There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Till then , lets meditate and liberate.

First post , new beginning

Hello peeps ,

I’m an Indian who loves traveling , writing poetry , spirituality and who appreciates the beauty of solitude. Travel diaries contains some glimpses of my attempts at traveling , exploring the beauty of The Republic of India and breaking some stereotypes about traveling in India and also some travel tips regarding the same.

This is my very first attempt at showing the unseen corners the sub continent has to offer. I believe traveling shows another dimension of its very beauty especially when one is a spiritual person , which I am.

Stay tuned!