All the light workers , Arise!

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All the light workers arise!

lets get to work hand in hand

Earth is becoming chaotic

and universe’s biggest quick sand

All the light workers awake!

the world is full of potential

people are confused about their state

and confined to their heavy shell

All light workers , we got this fight

11:11 code activate , do ya’ll hear me

we’re the torch bearers of light

Lets get going on a healing spree

My comrades , the highly enlightened ones

wake up from your slumber

Its time to rise from beneath 

after a millennium long deadly winter

Let the brain games begin

Let the frequencies be modulated

Let darkness wane out forever 

Lets do this for the glory of light! 



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The world of Heartfulness

In a world full of negativity , desires , absolute thirst for lust of power , bodily pleasures and other lethal dependencies , we need to change our definition of recreation. Recreation is best experienced when we shift to something non-toxic , that’ll also have a firm control over our minds. With this , we’ll slowly rid ourselves of negative thoughts , which if not acted upon , might become mere compulsions in the long run and prove fatal to our living. This has not only changed my personality upside down , but with in a span of an year and a half , it has made me realize my ultimate potential , helped me get through my dependencies and the sole reason for me making this blog.

So , if you’re someone who’s prone to depression , tired of your life’s monotony , having a tough time in your relationship , trying to battle your addictions etc , here’s your last resort to set things alright. Try to make meditation a part of your daily life and observe changes.

Here’s a poem ; a tribute to Heartfulness ,  A free global initiative by Shri Ram Chandra Mission to give out its two cents to making the world a better place to live in. This is much needed especially in the era of growing wars , hatred , increasing suicide rates etc.

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Are you tired of taking life’s harsh blows?
and walking where the negativity flows? 
As we walk through this poem , get your belts tightened ,
‘Cause we’re about to know how to get enlightened! 
Its pretty simple , it involves only the multiverse and you
sit your body down embrace the divinely energy that flows through..
First you relax your feet , and then your thighs , 
which is the first step towards redemption and cutting all the material ties
Then you let the energy flow in through your hips ,
which is where your body slightly trips
and lets divinely pulses travel through your ribs and chest
That’ll  set you out on  your spiritual quest! 
And now slowly the sacred power spreads to your hands and spine ,
Here’s where you’ll slowly attain nirvana
and realize nothing is yours or mine..
Now that the divineness is all over you
and shows how much you were blind ,
Here’s your only chance of salvation and altering your mind! 
Now that you’ve attained the ultimate state of consciousness,
You can cut all your greed , lust , desires and I-ness
and can let go of your bodily anxiety and stress ,

Oh sweet child of divine , welcome to the world of Heartfulness!


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Arise , awake!

I can hear the clocks ticking

but I know it is fake

we’ve failed to observe

that our world is at stake

The ticks no more make me anxious

for I know time is relative

We’re barely conscious

and pretty insensitive

Awake , arise and take a plunge

let the galactic thrusters burn

if you don’t start now

you’ll perpetually mourn







Casualty in duality

I can’t write a poem
I really can’t
I don’t know what to write
Please bear my rant
I haven’t slept all night
My sleep cycle is a joke
My brain is as good as dead
And I’m absolutely broke
My mind doesn’t know thoughts
Stomach doesn’t know good food
Nose doesn’t pick up the petrichor
And can’t help myself but I wish I could
I try to talk to the plants
They silently ignore me
They don’t sway to my rhythm anymore
I wish things to be set free
I try to call my friends
And somehow everyone’s busy
But when they need something
They somehow approach me?
I guess it is what I did earlier
Not being conscious about my deeds
Which now makes it obvious that
I was swayed away with lust and greed
What should I do now , o supreme power?
When I can’t bear the duality?
This state of mind is absolute horrid
Why am I the only casualty?

Why failure is the best way to achieve success

Failure. Most of us whine on this single word. We don’t want to fail. We don’t want to try. Yet we want 100% positive results. And what happens next? Perpetual mediocrity. This is because a person doesn’t want to challenge his/her intellectual abilities , doesn’t want to push beyond his mental potential , doesn’t want to try new challenges , doesn’t want to abstain from those material desires that get us hooked on to abysmal things.

Why should we fail? What should we learn from the journey of failure?

  • Failure is important to know how to not do things.
  • It will strengthen the bond between your inner self(Soul) and your material self(Mind as a whole).
  • What distinguishes us from the crowd is our ability to perceive failure. Failure indicates a new clear cut path way to higher states in life.
  • If you fail right now and a few times later in a few days , you’ll learn that lesson for life time. You’ll never repeat it.
  • One’s failure can be other man’s lesson. True , we should learn from other’s failure as well. This will help us know the uncertainty of future where we might certainly commit some worst mistakes ( like crimes …) due to peer pressure or being brain washed.
  • It is okay to relapse on your streak of trying to not fail. This will teach you so many ways that could trigger failure which you can definitely avoid in future.
  • Failure teaches you who your real friends are. The one’s who are with you in the times of distress are the one’s you need the most in life.
  • It helps you know about your weakness , weak points and will help you work on it for better. For ex: I was addicted to so many things with out even realizing that I was addicted to them ( Like social media , Low self esteem ,junk food , hitting on every girl I meet etc..) I realized this was very harmful to my evolution and existence. I worked on these with some serious self-introspection. Here I am , clean from it.
  • You’ll learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you did in past. Each time you fail , you become a better person but only with self-introspection and some serious scrutiny of that very incident which led to failure ( in your terms of course ).

My message for this new year to whoever is reading this

  • Have some serious higher goals in life. Don’t get stuck in mediocrity. Everyone is equally intelligent. We have all pretty much the same amount of neurons. The only place where we differ is the functional ability of those neural synapses ie; pathway of neural transmission. So , to strengthen it and get better at something , you need to work hard , practice more to not fail , fail , learn from it , get better , keep ruthlessly moving on etc. Image result for brain and neural transmission
  • Take some viable resolutions. Work on them one thing at a time. Doing so many things at once will put our self esteem at stake.
  • Read more , embrace the beauty of solitude and silence , do new things that you never did earlier ( like learn cooking , art , reading , instrument etc. everything is on the internet ).
  • Procrastinate less. This is the biggest trigger factor for failure. Once the procrastinating vibes set in , it becomes hard for us to get up and move on. It is like falling down from a motorcycle at a  high speed. After injury it takes a lot of time to get back to normal. So , avoid watching those gossipy videos , dark humor. Instead tune into something positive and productive like spirituality , nature , traveling , food , sketching , meditation , languages etc.
  • Don’t stay idle. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop. An idle mind for few minutes is enough to destroy all your efforts. Keep your brain engaged in some activity or the other. Grab a book , contribute to your own poetry.
  • Switch things during boredom. Switching is necessary.
  • Listen to good music like instrumental , spiritual , motivational music genres. Avoid romance , metal , etc because they trigger emotions in us.

Have a great new year ahead. Hope every year you become more and more intellectual, smart , hardworking , positive and stay happy for the rest of your life.

If you want to learn meditation , here’s an opportunity to connect with one of the most renowned teachers of meditation Kamlesh D. Patel , known to us as our beloved Daaji.

Register yourself for the new year’s meditation workshop. Isn’t this an amazing way to start your new year? Go ahead , explore the universe in you and embrace its absolute rawness!


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Convert your grievances into an ultimate power

That’s how life is. With full of ups and downs. We’re born in such a way that at any given point of time in life our emotions are balanced ie. we’re neither too happy nor too sad. It is this ~50% rule of earth that one’s happiness doesn’t exceed their gloom. But this can be avoided with practice and altering one’s daily routine.

What causes us to grieve and worry over petty things?

  • Desires I want this , that , I want to become that …I wish I had a car , after having a car ( I wish I had a triple storeyed bungalow) etc. All these feelings will lead you to a perpetual quicksand of misery.How to overcome these desires?Meditate everyday ie. connect to your inner self. Over a period of time you’ll know your purpose according to your life style. Meditation will connect you to your higher self.  Image result for communication with distant civilizations


    I asked a Neuroscientist with a Ph.D about the possibility of Telepathy ie possible communication between two brains ( if two non-living devices could communicate ie cellphones then why can’t two brains communicate was my question). His response was shocking. He said it is theoretically possible to communicate from mind to mind. So , if this is possible , that means there should be higher beings in this multiverse. Which means there should be some form of communication with them. Through the wave patterns in our brain ( like alpha , theta , beta states of consciousness ) we can possibly communicate with them but in a mere superconscious state. To achieve this we must have a very firm control over our thoughts , brain , mind , feelings etc.

    Why am I talking about this in Desires column?

    We have to remind ourselves that there are more than these material desires ( lust , greed , power , hate , depression ) etc. Its okay to have experienced all sorts of feelings in life , its okay to have made gruesome mistakes. We’re all here to forgive each other , move together for a better future , for a better galactic evolution so that our human life can evolve to higher states. We have come from times where our daily routine was to find animals to be eaten with a settlement by the  river side to receiving a text from our loved one.

  • Your company mattersThough our primary target is to make this world a better place to live in , your peer group matters a lot. Because it is very obvious that your intelligence is the average of the 5 people you roam with because you tend to blend in with the crowd for the sake of it. Always stay in a healthy group , the one’s with high ambitions , who gossip little and focus on something serious in life. This will eliminate 90% of your sadness , depression or psychological ailments. Do justice to solitude , embrace its absolute purpose but don’t become a slave of isolation. There’s a very thin line between loneliness of isolation and comfort of solitude.


  • Transmutation is a great channel to harness energyHave you ever wondered why great people like Albert Einstein , Nikola Tesla , Newton did things so great? They were celibates. They knew the power of harnessing the cosmic energy that was present in their body. The greatest power in this universe is to be able to reproduce. Transmutation means to convert that energy into something creative because at that time your brain works faster , the neural synapses function better because all the sexual energy is channelized to your brain effectively. This comes through practice. Becoming a celibate is not a freaking joke. It means to become one of the best beings that mankind has ever witnessed because it means to have ultimate control over thoughts. To achieve this , meditation can help , reading healthy books can help , journals , positive group etc do a great job too. So , love yourself the most. That doesn’t mean you’ve to become a narcissist. It means you’ve to respect your fellow beings , have a firm control over your thoughts and be an inspiration and do things on a greater scale. Learn skills and cultivate new hobbies during this process. Wait and observe the changes.

That’s it. These are some important things that matter the most in life which we tend to ignore because we get swayed away with material desires. Its okay to make mistakes. Its okay to regret. But convert that regret into something inspiring for yourself. I’ve seen criminals who became amazing singers. If they can do it , we can too. Its all about self introspection , acknowledging our mistakes and working on making ourselves better.

Persevere, fail , learn! 

Ariseawake, and stop not till the goal is reached- Swami Vivekananda

Astral love

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Love was all about intimacy

with temporary friction between two skins

then the world became kind of bleak

which led me to commit more sins

that is why I always failed

to get closer to the one I wanted

only to realize I was on a wrong path

because we just want to flaunt it

to show the world that we’ve got someone

and increase the credit of our material ego 

but we forget that love has different forms

which helps us become stronger in the long run 


So , what is true love?

True love for someone is one’s motivation

knowing that you won’t get closer to the person

you’ll try to better yourself for glory 

not to show the world what you’re capable of

but to tell yourself that you can rewrite your own story

when you truly love someone 

you’re just not present together physically

but you’re always together in the higher realms

and can speak to them telepathically

Don’t worry if you’re not able to get along again

for you’re sent on a mission here on earth

eventually you’ll be lead to the road to revelation

and the journey will definitely be worth! 


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