Beloved one

O beloved one , the  invincible
thanks for the food
also for the revelation
life’s never been so good
Now food only makes me high
So does some mid night verse
I love how there’s fresh air around
and also you almighty , to converse
Thank you for the reveletion
your presence convinced the atheist in me
Now , I just sit here and let things happen
and waiting for the day when I’ll be set free

First post , new beginning

Hello peeps ,

I’m an Indian who loves traveling , writing poetry , spirituality and who appreciates the beauty of solitude. Travel diaries contains some glimpses of my attempts at traveling , exploring the beauty of The Republic of India and breaking some stereotypes about traveling in India and also some travel tips regarding the same.

This is my very first attempt at showing the unseen corners the sub continent has to offer. I believe traveling shows another dimension of its very beauty especially when one is a spiritual person , which I am.

Stay tuned!

My graduation story

This poem pretty much sums up my life during graduation. Though it is quite nostalgic reminiscing those days , they did teach me few lessons worth cherishing for life time. The exact events that happened during the course of time then are summed up in a poetic manner. Hope you’ll like it.

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I still remember the first day

as fresh as the morning breeze

hundreds of students brisking around in chaos

trying to escape from ragging and other miseries

My first lecture was filled with high adrenaline

of wanting to learn a lot and innovate

not having a slightest clue of what’d happen further

which is when the game began

First few weeks were spent in joy

making new friends and sorting out our ways of “fun”

we grabbed new fags , bottles and crushed dry grass

and the fun continued and we were never done

A few weeks later I saw this girl

as beautiful as April rain

we exchanged numbers and spoke all day and night

and she became my drug that took away all my pain

She was just another parallel universe of mine

because my friends also became my priority

who taught me million things from scratch

because I had just entered life and was a newbie

Days passed by and we skipped as many lectures as we could

bunked them all the while and went to any movie or a club

I thought my life was sorted all the while

until this monotony broke after 2 years

friends drifted apart , left me stranded

the “love of my life” was grabbed by someone else

only to realize it was illusion and a fake reality

and it was tough to fall back in love with myself..

As directionless as I was back then

I thought everything was done

and this good game life was over

that’s when another revolution begun

I was there by my side and solitude my way

and in every deed from then I alone stood 

because every relation of mine became fray

I embraced it to the fullest as much as I could

I kicked all the habits 

I won against my fate

pulled myself back from the null

and not a single incident do I regret

so , my graduation taught me 

that people are just fake 

they’re just there for their greed

and they’re there for namesake


Image courtesy: My uni , from Google images 

One fine noon

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One fine noon
I took my boat
Along the Stillwaters
I laid there afloat
Birds chirped around
Trees gave breeze
I was lost halfway through
And fell to my knees
No sign of humans
Birds somehow heard me
Tried to feed me fishes
I thanked them for the ease
Hustling through a creek
I lay there pale and cold
A sea of ever expanding consciousness
I entered an astral world
A world full of infinite possibilities
I just had to put my mind to use
I could create anything in that plane

Yet I kept calm , ’cause I had nothing to lose

Image courtesy: Google images

Will there ever be peace?

Will the world ever be at peace?

will the evergrowing wars stop?

there must be some way for this to end

and the anchor should be quickly dropped


Are we hypocrites to talk of world peace?

when there’s never ending battle inside of us

when there’s barely any control over our minds

when there’s barely any hope left inside of us?


Somehow we know about a one stop solution

its not prayers or mob mobilizing

it is about sowing the seed of inner happiness

and it is about believing in that one holy thing


when there’s finally peace inside of you

there’ll finally be peace in the universe

’cause your mind can alter the future for better

and that’s how through the dungeons , we can traverse.