Biggest test in life is not what you score in exams and degrees obtained but how you react to the world in two cases : When it throws you in the dungeons and when It gives you everything in the universe. The choice is yours. When in vain if you embrace all the agitation and harness it to your fullest potential , you’ll be ahead in the race. If you have all the resources in the world , share it with the one’s deprived of it. With great power comes great responsibility and that is the sort of people we need in today’s world. 

Beloved one

O beloved one , the  invincible
thanks for the food
also for the revelation
life’s never been so good
Now food only makes me high
So does some mid night verse
I love how there’s fresh air around
and also you almighty , to converse
Thank you for the reveletion
your presence convinced the atheist in me
Now , I just sit here and let things happen
and waiting for the day when I’ll be set free

If only

If only someone told me

that love was just an illusion

and our purpose is entirely different

‘Cause there’s more in life than “love”


If only someone told me

The moments I was living in university

were the ones worth cherising

and that they’d never come back

unless time travel is discovered


If only someone told me

the value of grandma before she died

I’d do anything to visit her every week

and put a smile on her face

in spite of all the emotions and tragedies

that grandma always wanted to hide


If only I knew back then

that depression is just a state

I’d have learnt from it that very instant

aiming to liberate to a higher state


If only someone told me back then

that loving oneself is what we all need

but our minds were tuned for attention

and we somehow got swayed by our deeds


I never met that someone , a legend

but post-liberation I can assure

that life’s more than what you’re going through

it’ll be better if you stop being immature

Life is the most precious gift

shed off all the negativity around

shed off the negative leeches

Its time to heal the wounds






One fine noon

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One fine noon
I took my boat
Along the Stillwaters
I laid there afloat
Birds chirped around
Trees gave breeze
I was lost halfway through
And fell to my knees
No sign of humans
Birds somehow heard me
Tried to feed me fishes
I thanked them for the ease
Hustling through a creek
I lay there pale and cold
A sea of ever expanding consciousness
I entered an astral world
A world full of infinite possibilities
I just had to put my mind to use
I could create anything in that plane

Yet I kept calm , ’cause I had nothing to lose

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Insomniac nights – 1

Image result for a dim lit room with hearth
A silent , breezy , yet a dreary night

A struggle to stop the inner fight

the final batch of logs lay lit in the hearth

in a hope to make my world bright

Not appeased by the dimly lit candles

and an ash tray that was empty for years

which ceased to be used for better future

but somehow all the efforts went in vain

The candle blew off on its own

the chandelier then took the role

giving out its ever antique dim golden light

that kind of soothed my dark Gothic soul

O insomnia , thou art a kind enemy

I don’t know what sleep feels like

my outbound brain waves are lost frequencies

And I was slowly losing my psyche

Sleep is a luxury , one among greatest of all wealths

It is true to have experienced a condition of being half alive

Not aligned to life anymore , nor aligned towards death

this misery will surely be over soon , I wonder if I’ll even survive



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