Quote spree #5

We often chase people for “love” , which is a beautiful lie. We often search for god around when god is right inside of us. At home , it takes a form called mother and father. Such beautiful manifestation of the divinity is our family. Cherish the bond. Until we hear the last few sounds of the ventilator , apparent Morse code beep of
a last call by god himself, we may not value the subtlest and beautiful things around us. 

– Poorna Chandra

Power of meditation

After practicing meditation for a little more than two years on a regular basis , I can say that the results are astonishing.

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Let me cut it short and describe how it helped me and how it might help you in general:

  • Clarity of thought in life. I was aware of my short comings and knew that I had to work on them.
  • Improved mental strength.
  • Ability to cut off negativity from your life ( people , habits etc )
  • Ability to start new things. ( skills , languages , explorations etc )
  • Unleashing a new world inside of you and realizing that the mind has infinite potential as infinite as the universe.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Forgetting the brutality of our “Pasts”. Past is a desert. Don’t go back unless you like desert safaris.

Things to remember while meditating on a daily basis:

  • One should integrate the skills honed while meditating in daily life. Or else it’ll be useless. Too much purity in thought can distort your perceptions of reality.
  • Excess meditation might disappoint you about how the world works. Just meditate enough to balance all levels of your existence. ( Material , spiritual , physical and mental ).
  • Journal writing is effective. Record your thoughts pre and post meditation. Observe how they change over time. Write down your issues in your journal and try to seek answers within. There will definitely be fruitful results.
  • Use it to help yourself and others. Spread love. Reduce anger. Others observe and learn so many things from you. It is a great motivational tool.
  • Use it to study or work. It’ll improve your efficiency and fetch you good results.
  • Relationships can improve when either of the partners meditate. This will help in balancing the bond. I’m telling this from seeing many people who are happy while they’re in this path of meditation.
  • Read any good books : Self-help , financial , psychological , spiritual etc. Meditate over the essence and try to understand what the book says.

That’s it guys. These are what I’ve experienced. I may still be a novice at meditating but I’m going to experiment real hard and get back sooner with new results. Till then , happy meditating and enter a new world of infinite possibilities and peace!


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Quote spree – # 4

If you’re reading this , congratulations. You’ve come to this point in this space-time continuum. You’re a survivor , a warrior. If you can read this , be thankful to your eyes. If you can understand this , thank your intellect. You’ve moved from novice to advanced level in this cosmic game play called real life simulator. 

–  Poorna Chandra 

Quote spree – # 1

The power of perseverance with hope is that over a period of time it’ll make you stronger than ever. What your anxieties and short comings are today may get churned into your biggest strengths , provided you don’t give up and persist ruthlessly. Remember , with great pressure over a time period,  limestone turns into marble. 

–  Poorna Chandra