The world of Heartfulness

In a world full of negativity , desires , absolute thirst for lust of power , bodily pleasures and other lethal dependencies , we need to change our definition of recreation. Recreation is best experienced when we shift to something non-toxic , that’ll also have a firm control over our minds. With this , we’ll slowly rid ourselves of negative thoughts , which if not acted upon , might become mere compulsions in the long run and prove fatal to our living. This has not only changed my personality upside down , but with in a span of an year and a half , it has made me realize my ultimate potential , helped me get through my dependencies and the sole reason for me making this blog.

So , if you’re someone who’s prone to depression , tired of your life’s monotony , having a tough time in your relationship , trying to battle your addictions etc , here’s your last resort to set things alright. Try to make meditation a part of your daily life and observe changes.

Here’s a poem ; a tribute to Heartfulness ,  A free global initiative by Shri Ram Chandra Mission to give out its two cents to making the world a better place to live in. This is much needed especially in the era of growing wars , hatred , increasing suicide rates etc.

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Are you tired of taking life’s harsh blows?
and walking where the negativity flows? 
As we walk through this poem , get your belts tightened ,
‘Cause we’re about to know how to get enlightened! 
Its pretty simple , it involves only the multiverse and you
sit your body down embrace the divinely energy that flows through..
First you relax your feet , and then your thighs , 
which is the first step towards redemption and cutting all the material ties
Then you let the energy flow in through your hips ,
which is where your body slightly trips
and lets divinely pulses travel through your ribs and chest
That’ll  set you out on  your spiritual quest! 
And now slowly the sacred power spreads to your hands and spine ,
Here’s where you’ll slowly attain nirvana
and realize nothing is yours or mine..
Now that the divineness is all over you
and shows how much you were blind ,
Here’s your only chance of salvation and altering your mind! 
Now that you’ve attained the ultimate state of consciousness,
You can cut all your greed , lust , desires and I-ness
and can let go of your bodily anxiety and stress ,

Oh sweet child of divine , welcome to the world of Heartfulness!


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The new year goals

I make some noise for myself

for making it through this game 

Real life simulator as I call it 

and things have never been the same 


One thing at a time I did 

to rid my self off all the dust

those things that always harmed me

were greed , ego , desires and lust!


To change and tame our lives

we need some insane resolutions

to make it to the highest of states

and to bring on earth a revolution.


22 years have passed by

me as an earthling here

enough moments I’ve destroyed

and now there’s nothing that I fear.


So , this new year I thought 

I’d set some amazing goals 

smash them ruthlessly from now

that’ll do justice to other souls. 


Happy beginning 2018 fellow beings

mark a new life from now 

introspect and work on your betterment

and this is the best seed you’ll ever sow. 





One last time

When everything was going great

one stupid thought could ruin it all

Luckily I survived the bit

when these desires tried to take a toll

This was a test of my progress

and when I had to abide by my testaments

I could hear the heaven’s drum roll

So folks , when you’re in such a situation

where you could put all your life in jeopardy

just take a deep breath and let it go 

for this misery will make you stoop low

If you could curtail all the junk in your head

and if you could remote control your brain 

you’ll live an amazing life with your head high 

and be a boon to the mankind than a bane 


Your scent still lingers around

Day after day as I try to forget you

my attention is drawn towards a clue

A clue which is a sign of something platonic

Its your scent that lingers around my room

What is really happening?

Can’t this really end?

You don’t really seem to bother

because for you nothing has ever changed

As the scent hits my nose

I’m taken back to the memory lane 

where you were in turmoil shivering

and your eyes revealed all the pain

I still remember the fog 

coming out as you sighed with every breath

that day you wore a full sleeve sweater

and your hug  saved me from death

Why are you gone?

my practical example of platonic 

nevertheless ,your absence made me stronger

but your memories make me euphoric 

Some day , do look back and know that I was there

I hope you’ll come back for me

Even if you don’t budge back

my soul will anyway be set free



A Wall Clock

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Not so keen about things 

in a time when experiences matter

but there was something that kept me going

’twas a clock with my memories partially blurred

never paid attention to the clock

all the while when it was there

now when I lost someone precious 

I see it everywhere 

The clock saw me grow

It saw me as a kid ;saw me laugh and cry 

it did see many transformations

reminding me that time flies faster than it can fly

Thank you clock 

for letting me know

that memories matter the most

and for helping me grow


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Devil’s lettuce it was called 

Devils lettuce  it was  called

It did draw a lot of attention

There was something special about it

and its magical euphoric ascension

It seduced the entire body

slacked one’s senses of perception

and once a rip was taken ,

it would hit the head like the sting of a scoprion

Those slaves of psychreich didn’t know

 that the grass was playing its game

Devils lettuce  it was called

There was an infamous charm in its name

Disrupting the entire cognitive process

effects of havoc could be seen

Devils lettuce  it was called

making reality look like a mere dream

It was slow poison in actuality

rushing slowly , damaging every human cell

Devil’s lettuce it was called

its absence would make reality a living hell

So , what was devils lettuce?

It was pure venom in disguise

And the after math could be observed years later

When one’s boat in real life would capsize

Stay away from it as much as you can

for some mistake it to be something sacred

Once hooked, It will kill your ability to innovate

and would leave you with perpetual regret