Part – 1 – Travel diaries

Goa! Fun , excitement , adventure are the words that come to our mind when we hear the word Goa ( Indians though) and recreation , freedom , luxury in a third world country are some thoughts that come to a foreigner’s mind. This is absolutely true. But there are two different worlds in Goa. Before that , let me brief you up about this region.


Goa: It is a region in Indian sub-continent. Little did I know that it was a former Portuguese colony.

History: In December 1961 , Indian Army invaded Goa in Operation Vijay and annexed Goa into The Indian Union. For solid 450 years Portuguese ruled the small territory on the western region of Indian peninsula.

Languages: Konkani ( dominant here ) , Marathi , English , Hindi , Bits of Kannada here and there.

Culture: The culture is quite different from rest of India and it can be seen in their architecture , food , lifestyle , clothing , religion etc. Traveling around Goa was more like traveling in Europe but with Indians everywhere. It was quite a ravishing experience. Tourism is the major occupation.



Goa is very well known for its Alcohol tourism because of low taxes. Apart from that , it is a famous ground for hipsters from all over the world , Infamous for Drug tourism , rave parties along the beaches , drinking culture and not to forget the Casinos that never let the gamblers sleep!

  • Food: South Indian food was hardly found here. They’re fond of Sea food , Bread and butter , wine , liquor. It was easy being a vegetarian in Goa as we could find veg food everywhere. Apart from that , there were many street food stalls that offered Lime juice , soda , sandwiches , Vada pav , Dabeli etc.
  • Clothing: People wore light clothes. Women wore elegant gowns and men were relaxed in their clothing who wore shorts , light tees , 3/4ths , slippers. The beach culture was pretty obvious here.
  • Lifestyle: The main occupation was tourism. Goa survives on it. Apart from that , there were self employed people who usually sold souvenirs , food , vegetables , clothes , alcohol , adventure sports ( beach areas ).
  • Adventures: Para sailing , para gliding , Trekking and safari ( Doodhsagar water falls ) , walking along the beaches where each beach has its own aura. There’s also banana ride , tube ride , jet skis etc.

    How can you have fun there ?

That says about the duality of Goa. Here are some ways you can have fun by escaping from the clutches of monotony.

  1. Adventure sports
  2. Exploring beaches. There are plenty of beaches in North goa. South has less though but it is worth exploring. Famous and must visit beaches are Calangute , Anjuna , Baga , Morjim , Cocos , Sinquerim , Colva , bardez etc.
  3. Shopping – in the by-lanes of Goan streets. Buy dry fruits , spices , sea food , clothes , souvenirs , alcohol etc.
  4. Try the street food in some beaches.
  5. Go on a cruise. Explore the Goan culture.
  6. Try a casino. Don’t get greedy there though.
  7. Visit churches , temples and other places of importance.

Alright. That’s about it. Enough of Goa now. Time for a virtual tour.

– On a boat during our Dolphin ride.


Yep , that’s me !


Oops , I saw something growing and couldn’t resist clicking. In case you’re wondering , it is a Cannabis plant.



Walked around a bit to get the essence of the place as a local. Saw overtly prevailing poverty , met some kind locals , took a glance at those beautiful Portuguese style buildings.

A church built in medieval times when the Portuguese arrived , which got destructed due to natural forces.




Inside The Basilica Of Bom Jesus.

The box is a coffin having mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier and is 470 years old. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.













What to learn from Goans and Goa’s lifestyle?

That life is all about relaxing inspite of all the miseries we undergo.

Travel quotes?
Just take a chill pill , let it go , travel and forget the world. Each place we travel to , we discover a new version of ourselves. Life in Goa is pretty laid-back.

First post , new beginning

Hello peeps ,

I’m an Indian who loves traveling , writing poetry , spirituality and who appreciates the beauty of solitude. Travel diaries contains some glimpses of my attempts at traveling , exploring the beauty of The Republic of India and breaking some stereotypes about traveling in India and also some travel tips regarding the same.

This is my very first attempt at showing the unseen corners the sub continent has to offer. I believe traveling shows another dimension of its very beauty especially when one is a spiritual person , which I am.

Stay tuned!