Why failure is the best way to achieve success

Failure. Most of us whine on this single word. We don’t want to fail. We don’t want to try. Yet we want 100% positive results. And what happens next? Perpetual mediocrity. This is because a person doesn’t want to challenge his/her intellectual abilities , doesn’t want to push beyond his mental potential , doesn’t want to try new challenges , doesn’t want to abstain from those material desires that get us hooked on to abysmal things.

Why should we fail? What should we learn from the journey of failure?

  • Failure is important to know how to not do things.
  • It will strengthen the bond between your inner self(Soul) and your material self(Mind as a whole).
  • What distinguishes us from the crowd is our ability to perceive failure. Failure indicates a new clear cut path way to higher states in life.
  • If you fail right now and a few times later in a few days , you’ll learn that lesson for life time. You’ll never repeat it.
  • One’s failure can be other man’s lesson. True , we should learn from other’s failure as well. This will help us know the uncertainty of future where we might certainly commit some worst mistakes ( like crimes …) due to peer pressure or being brain washed.
  • It is okay to relapse on your streak of trying to not fail. This will teach you so many ways that could trigger failure which you can definitely avoid in future.
  • Failure teaches you who your real friends are. The one’s who are with you in the times of distress are the one’s you need the most in life.
  • It helps you know about your weakness , weak points and will help you work on it for better. For ex: I was addicted to so many things with out even realizing that I was addicted to them ( Like social media , Low self esteem ,junk food , hitting on every girl I meet etc..) I realized this was very harmful to my evolution and existence. I worked on these with some serious self-introspection. Here I am , clean from it.
  • You’ll learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you did in past. Each time you fail , you become a better person but only with self-introspection and some serious scrutiny of that very incident which led to failure ( in your terms of course ).

My message for this new year to whoever is reading this

  • Have some serious higher goals in life. Don’t get stuck in mediocrity. Everyone is equally intelligent. We have all pretty much the same amount of neurons. The only place where we differ is the functional ability of those neural synapses ie; pathway of neural transmission. So , to strengthen it and get better at something , you need to work hard , practice more to not fail , fail , learn from it , get better , keep ruthlessly moving on etc. Image result for brain and neural transmission
  • Take some viable resolutions. Work on them one thing at a time. Doing so many things at once will put our self esteem at stake.
  • Read more , embrace the beauty of solitude and silence , do new things that you never did earlier ( like learn cooking , art , reading , instrument etc. everything is on the internet ).
  • Procrastinate less. This is the biggest trigger factor for failure. Once the procrastinating vibes set in , it becomes hard for us to get up and move on. It is like falling down from a motorcycle at a  high speed. After injury it takes a lot of time to get back to normal. So , avoid watching those gossipy videos , dark humor. Instead tune into something positive and productive like spirituality , nature , traveling , food , sketching , meditation , languages etc.
  • Don’t stay idle. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop. An idle mind for few minutes is enough to destroy all your efforts. Keep your brain engaged in some activity or the other. Grab a book , contribute to your own poetry.
  • Switch things during boredom. Switching is necessary.
  • Listen to good music like instrumental , spiritual , motivational music genres. Avoid romance , metal , etc because they trigger emotions in us.

Have a great new year ahead. Hope every year you become more and more intellectual, smart , hardworking , positive and stay happy for the rest of your life.

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Convert your grievances into an ultimate power

That’s how life is. With full of ups and downs. We’re born in such a way that at any given point of time in life our emotions are balanced ie. we’re neither too happy nor too sad. It is this ~50% rule of earth that one’s happiness doesn’t exceed their gloom. But this can be avoided with practice and altering one’s daily routine.

What causes us to grieve and worry over petty things?

  • Desires I want this , that , I want to become that …I wish I had a car , after having a car ( I wish I had a triple storeyed bungalow) etc. All these feelings will lead you to a perpetual quicksand of misery.How to overcome these desires?Meditate everyday ie. connect to your inner self. Over a period of time you’ll know your purpose according to your life style. Meditation will connect you to your higher self.  Image result for communication with distant civilizations


    I asked a Neuroscientist with a Ph.D about the possibility of Telepathy ie possible communication between two brains ( if two non-living devices could communicate ie cellphones then why can’t two brains communicate was my question). His response was shocking. He said it is theoretically possible to communicate from mind to mind. So , if this is possible , that means there should be higher beings in this multiverse. Which means there should be some form of communication with them. Through the wave patterns in our brain ( like alpha , theta , beta states of consciousness ) we can possibly communicate with them but in a mere superconscious state. To achieve this we must have a very firm control over our thoughts , brain , mind , feelings etc.

    Why am I talking about this in Desires column?

    We have to remind ourselves that there are more than these material desires ( lust , greed , power , hate , depression ) etc. Its okay to have experienced all sorts of feelings in life , its okay to have made gruesome mistakes. We’re all here to forgive each other , move together for a better future , for a better galactic evolution so that our human life can evolve to higher states. We have come from times where our daily routine was to find animals to be eaten with a settlement by the  river side to receiving a text from our loved one.

  • Your company mattersThough our primary target is to make this world a better place to live in , your peer group matters a lot. Because it is very obvious that your intelligence is the average of the 5 people you roam with because you tend to blend in with the crowd for the sake of it. Always stay in a healthy group , the one’s with high ambitions , who gossip little and focus on something serious in life. This will eliminate 90% of your sadness , depression or psychological ailments. Do justice to solitude , embrace its absolute purpose but don’t become a slave of isolation. There’s a very thin line between loneliness of isolation and comfort of solitude.


  • Transmutation is a great channel to harness energyHave you ever wondered why great people like Albert Einstein , Nikola Tesla , Newton did things so great? They were celibates. They knew the power of harnessing the cosmic energy that was present in their body. The greatest power in this universe is to be able to reproduce. Transmutation means to convert that energy into something creative because at that time your brain works faster , the neural synapses function better because all the sexual energy is channelized to your brain effectively. This comes through practice. Becoming a celibate is not a freaking joke. It means to become one of the best beings that mankind has ever witnessed because it means to have ultimate control over thoughts. To achieve this , meditation can help , reading healthy books can help , journals , positive group etc do a great job too. So , love yourself the most. That doesn’t mean you’ve to become a narcissist. It means you’ve to respect your fellow beings , have a firm control over your thoughts and be an inspiration and do things on a greater scale. Learn skills and cultivate new hobbies during this process. Wait and observe the changes.

That’s it. These are some important things that matter the most in life which we tend to ignore because we get swayed away with material desires. Its okay to make mistakes. Its okay to regret. But convert that regret into something inspiring for yourself. I’ve seen criminals who became amazing singers. If they can do it , we can too. Its all about self introspection , acknowledging our mistakes and working on making ourselves better.

Persevere, fail , learn! 

Ariseawake, and stop not till the goal is reached- Swami Vivekananda

Is spirituality for everyone?

What is spirituality? 

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It is a unique philosophy. It is a way of life. Just like Sanathana dharma is a way of life , modern spirituality enables people to search for answers on their own. People who want to seek meaning to their life and find its purpose try to walk on a path of positivity with a feeling of oneness with the universe. This feeling of oneness is what makes spirituality , spirituality. ( Spiritual-Refers to spirit ; often the inner self; feeling of inter connectedness with all the spirits ; in this context something metaphysical or rather psychological for one’s one comfort; also feeling of oneness with nature or universe )

Spirituality is neither Atheism nor theism. It is a process of seeking proofs , answers for believing that there’s only one supreme entity that binds everything in this magnificent multiverse. While religion can be your cultural identity , spirituality becomes your philosophy of life. For example , I was born in a Hindu household. Though I’m skeptic about certain customs and traditions ( which , of course , should’ve evolved with time) I respect the household traditions because it is my cultural identity. It is what defines me as an earthling. But , when it comes to my cosmic identity , to mark my position or existence in this endless space-time continuum , spirituality takes the supreme position.

Though there are many definitions for spirituality , in the end it is all about one’s journey with one’s inner self in merging with the ultimate cosmic flux , ie. what we term as the supreme consciousness.

Spirituality vs Skeptics

As I mentioned earlier , it is one’s own belief. There’s no hard and fast rule to follow this path of life. It is for our own comfort that we imbibe certain principles in life and try to strictly adhere to them. Some tenets or principles of spirituality may include :

  • Meditation – Trying to connect to the inner and higher self ( Again , something metaphysical , but in this context refers to the merging of conscious and sub-conscious state of one’s mind).

    Meditation is to attain inner peace  ie, to avoid the conflicting nature of mind and heart and also to put an end to the rising nihilist forces inside. It is to control your mind , to put an end to desires by controlling your thoughts. Though there are many types of meditation like Zen , Transcendental , Kundalini , Heartfulness , Raja yoga etc , the ultimate purpose of meditation is to achieve inner peace and become a better person as time passes by.


  • Treating every being with love: As reality  gets more and more subtle , A spiritual person treats everyone with love , care , empathy etc. This is because one understands that we are all a big gigantic family on earth. We need to help each other to live in peace.


  • Balancing different dimensions of existence: Spiritual people believe that their life exists on two dimensions ( not literally mistaken to be one of the 3 physical dimensions ; but rather like time which is counted as a fourth dimension). This is duality or dual nature of existence. We need to balance our life , feelings , emotions , thoughts etc on material and spiritual dimensions. Material dimension is something that we deal on day to day basis. It is what we do in real life , to survive in a society with positivity without harming anyone and by giving our two cents as human beings. Spiritual dimension is something that is personal , metaphysical again. It is firmly believing that the entire universe is in your mind. This will help us to achieve greater success in material life because everything starts with a thought. Heck , even the universe started with a thought. That is why we take thoughts seriously , as thoughts become actions and actions define us. Related image

These are the basics of Spirituality in general terms and not strictly dictionary definition. It is solely from my perspective.

So , why do we need spirituality? 

Sometimes , we might lose it. We might lose our temper and our ability to take things. We tend to become staunch Nihilists thinking that life is worthless , pointless and everything is just a waste of time. Spirituality gives you thousands of reasons to live. We end up in a mire of mediocrity sitting on the couch and sobbing about things that we always wanted to do. Spirituality puts you on a path that will make you realize your very purpose of existence as time passes by. That is why Buddha( Founder of Buddhism) did it , Vardhamana Mahavira did it ( Founder of Jain religion). We need to meditate , connect to our inner selves and find the meaning of our very existence. Regular meditation will help one achieve a control of thoughts in one’s mind.

 Meditate and liberate from the chaos




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Live and let live

With so many alien civilizations out there, why haven’t we found them, or why haven’t they found us? That is because of the obvious reason that we are a self-destructing race, where we don’t know how to live in peace and haven’t learnt to love our fellow humans in the first place.

I just want to remind you people that there’s very little time on earth left. By the time you realize and try to let your heart out, poof, everything will be gone, in a jiffy. Just like the burst of wind on a pile of leaves before the arrival of a storm.

So, I remind you humans of your privileges. You are stronger than you think, wiser than you are and have a purpose to live. That purpose is love. So , do justice to your time on this tiny planet and live whole heartedly without any regrets.
We need to focus on our mental, physical, material and spiritual evolution. Change will be observed soon only when we start working on ourselves and re-consider our position in this endless space-time grid. Do justice to your existence, for the glory of The Galactic Federation Of Light, of course!

The art of thought shifting

Have you ever wondered what’d happen to you because of the high intensity of negative thoughts hitting your head? It could be any negative thought that either got triggered because of some provoking thing you saw or something new that activated a series of reactions in your brain.

So , why do we get these negative thoughts?

  • It is common to get negative thoughts. This happens of daily basis as we encounter new things , new people , good/bad. It is our duty to duly brush them off as and when we get such thoughts.
  • Our brain has the capacity to absorb anything and everything and then process it trying to analyze if it is good or bad. So , when you absorb something bad , just let it pass by. Don’t try hard or pressurize yourself. It’ll just go away.
  • Our daily habits are also responsible for such negative thoughts. Try to change one thing at a time in your daily life so that you experience a good and positive life full of vibrancy around you.
  • We also get such thoughts because we end up staying idle for a while. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

What is thought shifting?

  • It involves distracting yourself in that moment that put you in disgust by giving you a negative thought.
  • Thought shifting can be anything ranging from doing chores , helping in running errands , talking to friends/family members etc.
  • It is same like taking bath. We take shower/bath because we need to get rid of those negative things that get accumulated on the skin. In a similar way , thoughts as such must be removed from the mind so that we evolve in a progressive manner.

How to go about it?

  • Grab a book. Write down the intensity of thoughts. Write solutions to it accordingly that suits your thinking.
  • Cultivate a hobby. Music,creative writing , reading healthy stuff , sketching , cooking , walking , socializing etc. This will keep you engaged and also give you little time to get negative thoughts.
  • Meditation. Spend time with yourself to brush off those thoughts.
  • Change your habits. If you are someone who constantly whines , talks about other people , concerned more about what others are doing , stop right there. Its okay to have done that. We’re all humans. But in retrospect to that , try to change that behavior. Cultivate the habit of thinking twice before you say. Saying anything/everything that comes to your mind will wreck your relationships  with people.
  • Remember , everyone is nice. It is your inability to resist BS. Work on this. Find life full of joy and pleasure.
  • Avoid watching anything that invokes negativity. Watch / read healthy stuff.
  • Assure yourself that it will just last a while and then if you could survive that bit , you’ll do amazing in life.
  • Be tough. Life will beat you , throw you in dungeons , leave you deserted , but it is your ability to pick yourself up every time you fall down that  matters the most. Keep walking ignoring all the negativity.
  • Set goals , targets. Ruthlessly smash them.
  • Avoid over-procrastination.

It is easy. One thing at a time. One habit at a time. Over days , weeks and months you’ll observe subtle changes in yourself. Go ahead , unleash the beast in you and be the best!

To find peace

If you want to find peace in the world around you and want to make it a better place to live , first you need to find peace with in yourself. Connect yourself with the divine portal. Harness all the infinite energy that exists in the universe through your mind ; for it is the most complex energy transmission tower that the universe has ever seen. Channel all your thoughts for becoming one with the universal flux or the energy that binds everything in the multiverse.

This will not only make the world a better place to live in but also will open gates to endless possibilities of your mind which can do wonders.

Cultivate the habit of positive thinking no matter what. You could die right now and if you were sad then your existence would’ve been pointless. Instead take all the miseries as signs of good will from the supreme energy that is guiding you for a better future.

The day you’ll learn to control your mind completely and conquer your desires , will be the day when the mankind will see a ray of hope , a sign of evolution , a happy beginning of a millennial revolution that will take us further into future without wars and other negative elements that exist here. If the universe was created one a single thought , then surely one such powerful thought has the ability to end all the miseries on earth ; for thoughts become actions and actions become reality.

So , how to find peace within yourself irrespective whatever state you’re in?

  • Be thankful to the supreme power that has bought you to existence here on earth. You’ve been sent here on a purpose. That purpose is hidden deep inside your mind. To find that , you need to connect to your inner self. With this , you will also find peace with in yourself because you’ll know the truth and stay happy by being aware of minute things around.
  • Forgive yourself for all that you’ve done. Instead , get over it and start doing things in a better way than before. Think more , set targets , do whatever that keeps you happy but in doing good.
  • Cultivate the habit of staying in eternal constant remembrance of that source that has bought you here on earth. With this habit , you’ll tend to make less mistakes and innovate more , for you’ll realize that you’re under scrutiny of the supreme entity.
  • Try to make an impact wherever you go. This can range from being nice to everyone you meet , engaging in small-talk with the downtrodden that could actually make their day , helping someone without expectations and cultivating some strong habits that would actually motivate people around you to do better in life.
  • Keep learning new things every day and learn from anything and everything around you. No one is perfect but one can master his/her mind by learning from the world around.
  • Realize that reason for depression , anxiety and other psychological  issues is having desires. Get rid of  desires for once and all and see the beauty of the world. Desires can be anything that may be a hindrance to your evolution like dependencies – social media , greed for money and material things , alcohol-tobacco-drug addictions etc.
  • Try to think of ways about how you can make this world a better place to live. Observe the world , find problems around and also try to find viable solutions for them.

Meditation – Why should you practice it?

If you are reading this , you’re going to enlighten yourself in coming days. Buckle up , because you’re going to learn the art of controlling your mind . You’re going to be a part of one of the best minds that man-kind has ever produced.

  • Meditation is the art of getting closer to your inner self. It involves spending time with yourself by closing your eyes and feeling the divine energy flowing through your body.
  • One should meditate to liberate from the chaos of the material world and find a deeper meaning to his/her existence.
  • Meditation is the last resort call to put an end to different ailments and psychological illness like depression , suicidal tendencies and other problems like anxiety , paranoia etc.
  • You should meditate if you are tired of your monotonous life of constant whining and negativity.
  • You should meditate if you want to find the purpose of your existence.
  • You should meditate if you want to belong to one of the most intellectual minds the mankind has ever produced. This is because , one tends to understand everything in a deeper level with regular practice of meditation.