We fall to rise again

Life is all about falling down and getting up. It is about learning from those very moments and experiences and not repeating them ever. Each time you get hit by life , thrown into dungeons , slain by virtual dragons , you’re getting better , stronger and fitter than ever. You’ll know how to slide along things with ease in future. 


Keep pushing yourself

If you ever feel like things are going out of the way , do not wait for such moments to get over. In order to achieve your goal , be ruthless , merciless and push yourself through any situation. Be a warrior. Be a lone wolf that will achieve things no matter how bad/good the mental state is. That is what will distinguish you from the ~7.8 billion people. 

Embracing positivity

Your brain is a transmission tower. Whatever you feel or think will eventually happen provided it is viable enough. So , constantly feed your brain with positive thoughts. Read good books , avoid gossips as much as possible and try to get rid of all the negativity in you slowly.

–  Inspired from the book “The Secret”.

100 years from now , everything you ever did will vanish in time. One fine day we’ll realize that we lived in heaven. All the mistakes we did , all the fun we had will be washed away in time. Our civilization may come to an end. Ultimately , the only thing that will survive is our love and affection for each other. So , do not hesitate to confess , do not fear to travel and most importantly , don’t forget to make an impact.