Quote spree #7

I got a taste of the power of perseverance, hope, anger management and transmutation of inner worldly energies when the disintegration of my inner turmoil marked the beginning of a new revolution in life, only and only because I never gave up. 

– Poorna Chandra

Quote spree #5

We often chase people for “love” , which is a beautiful lie. We often search for god around when god is right inside of us. At home , it takes a form called mother and father. Such beautiful manifestation of the divinity is our family. Cherish the bond. Until we hear the last few sounds of the ventilator , apparent Morse code beep of
a last call by god himself, we may not value the subtlest and beautiful things around us. 

– Poorna Chandra

Quote spree – # 4

If you’re reading this , congratulations. You’ve come to this point in this space-time continuum. You’re a survivor , a warrior. If you can read this , be thankful to your eyes. If you can understand this , thank your intellect. You’ve moved from novice to advanced level in this cosmic game play called real life simulator. 

–  Poorna Chandra