100 years from now , everything you ever did will vanish in time. One fine day we’ll realize that we lived in heaven. All the mistakes we did , all the fun we had will be washed away in time. Our civilization may come to an end. Ultimately , the only thing that will survive is our love and affection for each other. So , do not hesitate to confess , do not fear to travel and most importantly , don’t forget to make an impact.

Its all about feeling good at any given point of time in your life. At this very moment how you act and embrace its beauty is what matters the most. You might or might not make it  to tomorrow. Just give it your best shot.

Invest in yourself. Spend most of the time with yourself. Work on your mistakes , your steps , your vision , goals , thought frequency. Tune it accordingly and let the universe do its magic. In this journey you’ll walk through broken glass , fire and also the entire world will abandon you , if not you abandon them because the world hardly means anything to you. If the world meant so much , our earth would’ve been on its highest evolution phase by now. Its you who will always be with you. Its a journey of your inner self. Let the best love story ever be the one between your inner self and material self.