Will there ever be peace?

Will the world ever be at peace?

will the evergrowing wars stop?

there must be some way for this to end

and the anchor should be quickly dropped


Are we hypocrites to talk of world peace?

when there’s never ending battle inside of us

when there’s barely any control over our minds

when there’s barely any hope left inside of us?


Somehow we know about a one stop solution

its not prayers or mob mobilizing

it is about sowing the seed of inner happiness

and it is about believing in that one holy thing


when there’s finally peace inside of you

there’ll finally be peace in the universe

’cause your mind can alter the future for better

and that’s how through the dungeons , we can traverse.



It will be alright

When the sun burns you with its intense flares
when the winds blow hard on you
take all you can mighty warrior
for this moment shall pass too

When the crowd kicks you out
when your beloved stabs you in the chest
take all you can my dear beloved
for this is just a hindrance to your quest

When the sea waves suck you in
when the beach becomes a quick sand
embrace all its agitation through out
fight for yourself and take a firm stand

When the world isolates you
and your very existence is ignored
clench your fists tight and breathe deep
because one day this misery will be over for sure!


Antagonized by the inner world’s tumult

On a  shadowy night , I kayaked away

A lamp lay lit in front of me 

A ray of hope that pleaded me to stay

I rowed through the lonely night

humming a verse from a long forgotten cite

crickets stridulated from unseen worlds

and I was trying to escape my plight

The darkness seduced me to an uneasy slumber

and I dreamt of leaving my human form

My mind’s earnest infinite connectivities

actually made me to completely transform 

I woke up to the scent of wimba trees 

It was dawn and I could feel the breeze

I had survived a melancholic night

even when I brutally fell to my knees

Instead of putting an end to all of it

I was once again given another chance

maybe it wasn’t my turn yet

maybe I still had to explore earthly charm

Countless hours passed by

and my supper supplies were done

I ended up on a random shore

and was received with warm smiles

They called it earth , a paradise in milkyway

that compelled me to eternally stay there

but in actuality I was on an exile from the sovereign realm

because I wanted to embrace its joy everywhere.





Anger helps us evolve

A true search deep within

being a seeker for peace tells me

that anger is needed to evolve

for it should somehow be released

Iron can’t be shaped 

without being hot

humans can’t survive 

without angry thoughts

But , what can be done?

to channel all your anger?

Breathe it out and focus 

you’ll get all the answers

Buddha once told 

Anger is a deadly poison

Not reacting to such events

will actually define your actions

When someone spews hatred 

do not try to react there

just pray for their well being

’cause that’ll take you to higher states.





I’m all that ever existed

I’m all that ever existed

and all that ever will 

milky way’s last resort 

’cause everything’s at stand still


I have traversed through the cosmos

changed bodies and changed souls

I belong to ultimate consciousness

because I’m the universe as a whole


My mind is a universe

The universe is my mind 

Why Am I here then?

For my two cents to the mankind


I’m not the only one

there are a few others like me

We’re the light workers 

and we’re here to set your souls free


This planet is almost nearing its next extinction

Its high time we wake up and rise

work for a new revolution

before some species find us as mere fossils




Whispers from the dark

O dear beloved
What has gotten into me
Desires plucking my nerves
They wouldn’t leave me
Just come by my side
I’ll be good to go
If you’re present here
I’ll have some Hope
Help me conquer these fears
And set my mind free
For it is still clutched by desires
I wish to go clean
The dark invites every second
Into its wickedness
But you’re the only hope
That’ll set me free

All the light workers , Arise!

Related image
All the light workers arise!

lets get to work hand in hand

Earth is becoming chaotic

and universe’s biggest quick sand

All the light workers awake!

the world is full of potential

people are confused about their state

and confined to their heavy shell

All light workers , we got this fight

11:11 code activate , do ya’ll hear me

we’re the torch bearers of light

Lets get going on a healing spree

My comrades , the highly enlightened ones

wake up from your slumber

Its time to rise from beneath 

after a millennium long deadly winter

Let the brain games begin

Let the frequencies be modulated

Let darkness wane out forever 

Lets do this for the glory of light! 



Image courtesy: Google images