Rains are made of acid now

laughter is absolutely fake 

love is highly materialized

and life is pretty much at stake


Emotions are frozen 

rivers are made of blood

tears don’t fall much anymore

what’s with this dreadful flood?


More than choices to live

A 1000 ways to die are discovered each day

Also , there’s nothing much left to give

because all the feelings were left to decay


Music is no more soothing

solitude has no meaning now

poetry is long gone and extinct

and no one cares about this now


The only thing left to do 

is to survive each day without having a clue

praying for the day of judgement to come soon

because this existence was never much of a boon 







Scenic beauty has lost its charm

Lonely nights are no longer worth

Every passing day tells us a tale

that our existence is futile on earth

Not our’s per se , but mine sure is

there’s apparent rise of nihilist forces inside

what else should I do , when nothing’s more a bliss?

because I’m a long lost soul who long ago died.





Where the hell Am I?

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It looks like we live in a gigantic simulation

where everyone’s consciousness is stolen

 very few end up on the road to revelation

yet there’s this heavy burden ; with our hearts swollen

Though we know ( at least a few of us do)

that nothing matters except for love

-the only thing in the world we needn’t prove

and we’re all loved somehow 

because we’re being watched from the above

But does it look all easy? Nope it isn’t

we’ve to walk through burning coal 

knowing the hindsight of the place

which happens  to be an infinite loophole

that’s filled with flesh, bones and skulls

But I’m definitely not giving up at the moment

because I can still see light at the end of the tunnel


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The Aftermath

The other day when I was done with you

and I wanted to get rid of your voice

I tried to forget your echo and move on

but the aftermath had no rejoice

While I was  thinking of you

I could achieve the impossible

and run errands with ease

I could walk with my chest high

because I somehow always felt your breeze

As I tried to cut off your voice from my head

I slowly started to disintegrate

every atom in my body started to shatter

There was no sign of love 

the world was filled with hate

I thought it’d be over soon

because it was more a bane than boon

I held myself tight from ending it all

thankfully your voice came back again

that saved me from the brutal fall

and I still remember that day 

when you were my November rain




There’s no tomorrow

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You sit by the porch

gazing at those green swaying plants

sipping a cup of coffee

while kind of sobbing about your failed plans

you thought something 

life had something else in store

and there goes your dose of disappointment

killing the urge to yearn for more

more to innovate , more to evolve 

but you end up in a mire of mediocrity

a quick sand of absolute misery 

a swamp of haphazard habits 

and you get vexed up with how things go

But you don’t come in terms with life

and try to grab the nearest knife

wanting to end things once and for all

hold on right there..


things will get better

just get off the couch  

meet people , fix targets

connect with the divine souls 

smash ’em targets 

punch ’em ghouls

be ruthless and merciless like a warrior

flick those leeches and break the barriers

do whatever you love to 

and watch yourself get rid of all the “sorrow”

do not bog down because of life’s erratic plot twists

because there’s only right now and tomorrow doesn’t exist.

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One last time

When everything was going great

one stupid thought could ruin it all

Luckily I survived the bit

when these desires tried to take a toll

This was a test of my progress

and when I had to abide by my testaments

I could hear the heaven’s drum roll

So folks , when you’re in such a situation

where you could put all your life in jeopardy

just take a deep breath and let it go 

for this misery will make you stoop low

If you could curtail all the junk in your head

and if you could remote control your brain 

you’ll live an amazing life with your head high 

and be a boon to the mankind than a bane 


Your scent still lingers around

Day after day as I try to forget you

my attention is drawn towards a clue

A clue which is a sign of something platonic

Its your scent that lingers around my room

What is really happening?

Can’t this really end?

You don’t really seem to bother

because for you nothing has ever changed

As the scent hits my nose

I’m taken back to the memory lane 

where you were in turmoil shivering

and your eyes revealed all the pain

I still remember the fog 

coming out as you sighed with every breath

that day you wore a full sleeve sweater

and your hug  saved me from death

Why are you gone?

my practical example of platonic 

nevertheless ,your absence made me stronger

but your memories make me euphoric 

Some day , do look back and know that I was there

I hope you’ll come back for me

Even if you don’t budge back

my soul will anyway be set free