Channeling energies into creativity

Over the past months I’ve discovered that I was prone to extreme procrastination. The patterns recurred even when I tried to get rid of my habit. What I understood is that , if we have a particular goal, we could use the technique of productive procrastination to develop it as a coping mechanism after a heavy session of work ( be it studying, work, writing etc).


How to use procrastination as a productivity tool, taking small baby steps everyday?

  • Use psychological hacks to work. Playfully trick your brain into work mode and creative mode. That way, there will be little time for procrastination. There’s a technique suggested to me by a bio scientist which is Focus and dissolve method. In focus phase, one should ideally study till the brain is exhausted and take a break and dissolve all the stress into creativity . Take a break and do things that doesn’t involve much thinking like walking, sketching-drawing-doodling, painting, meditation, talking to friend or family, taking a nap etc.
  • Use psychological hack no:2 called the pomodoro technique. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian. This revolves around setting  pomodoro sessions (ranging from 25-50 mins) and then taking a break for 5-10 mins. In each pomodoro session, one does his work or studies to the best of his capabilities. During the break, one can recall all that he has read, meditate, take deep breaths to curtail anxiety, stretch the body, listen to music etc. After 4 such pomodoro ( 4 quadrants making a circle;making a full session) one takes a long break of 5×5 or 5×10 minutes. Here, one can relax, pursue a hobby, watch a movie, TV series, go out etc. Best way to track your progress is to use It gives stats on how much productivity hours you clocked In a day which will compel you to do better the next day.
  • Reducing gadget use. We use lot of mobile in a day. There’s nothing wrong, but the issue is sometimes it becomes hours together. I realized I was using my mobile for 3-4 hours everyday. I could track it through an android app called quality time. Now keeping this In mind, I can reduce mobile use and use those hours to crack additional goals.
  • Pursuing creative hobbies that tickle the brain and put it to use. They include drawing, reading, poetry writing, story writing, exercising, sports etc.
  • Eat good food and reduce junk to once a week. Eat dry fruits, fruits, raw veggies that not only improve nutrition but increase the Grey matter by pumping on omega-3 fatty acids responsible for cognitive development, anti oxidants by eliminating the radicals formed in the body due to fast food or oily food, that would otherwise become cancer causing areas in the body etc. Also, food has a lot of impact on our thoughts.
  • Meditate or pray. Enough said.
  • Write journal everyday about what you’re grateful about and write any such ideas that come up to your mind. Design new things, invent new things and make blue prints for patents.

That’s it. With small hacks, we can make a great difference in our lives. These definitely boost performance over a period of time. I have experienced it myself and I’m halfway through achieving full control over the problematic areas mentioned above. Do share your insights on any other hacks that could trick us to work harder, smarter and better thus yielding better results.

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