Casualty in duality

I can’t write a poem
I really can’t
I don’t know what to write
Please bear my rant
I haven’t slept all night
My sleep cycle is a joke
My brain is as good as dead
And I’m absolutely broke
My mind doesn’t know thoughts
Stomach doesn’t know good food
Nose doesn’t pick up the petrichor
And can’t help myself but I wish I could
I try to talk to the plants
They silently ignore me
They don’t sway to my rhythm anymore
I wish things to be set free
I try to call my friends
And somehow everyone’s busy
But when they need something
They somehow approach me?
I guess it is what I did earlier
Not being conscious about my deeds
Which now makes it obvious that
I was swayed away with lust and greed
What should I do now , o supreme power?
When I can’t bear the duality?
This state of mind is absolute horrid
Why am I the only casualty?

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