The new year goals

I make some noise for myself

for making it through this game 

Real life simulator as I call it 

and things have never been the same 


One thing at a time I did 

to rid my self off all the dust

those things that always harmed me

were greed , ego , desires and lust!


To change and tame our lives

we need some insane resolutions

to make it to the highest of states

and to bring on earth a revolution.


22 years have passed by

me as an earthling here

enough moments I’ve destroyed

and now there’s nothing that I fear.


So , this new year I thought 

I’d set some amazing goals 

smash them ruthlessly from now

that’ll do justice to other souls. 


Happy beginning 2018 fellow beings

mark a new life from now 

introspect and work on your betterment

and this is the best seed you’ll ever sow. 





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