Astral love

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Love was all about intimacy

with temporary friction between two skins

then the world became kind of bleak

which led me to commit more sins

that is why I always failed

to get closer to the one I wanted

only to realize I was on a wrong path

because we just want to flaunt it

to show the world that we’ve got someone

and increase the credit of our material ego 

but we forget that love has different forms

which helps us become stronger in the long run 


So , what is true love?

True love for someone is one’s motivation

knowing that you won’t get closer to the person

you’ll try to better yourself for glory 

not to show the world what you’re capable of

but to tell yourself that you can rewrite your own story

when you truly love someone 

you’re just not present together physically

but you’re always together in the higher realms

and can speak to them telepathically

Don’t worry if you’re not able to get along again

for you’re sent on a mission here on earth

eventually you’ll be lead to the road to revelation

and the journey will definitely be worth! 


Image courtesy: Google images





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