Is spirituality for everyone?

What is spirituality? 

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It is a unique philosophy. It is a way of life. Just like Sanathana dharma is a way of life , modern spirituality enables people to search for answers on their own. People who want to seek meaning to their life and find its purpose try to walk on a path of positivity with a feeling of oneness with the universe. This feeling of oneness is what makes spirituality , spirituality. ( Spiritual-Refers to spirit ; often the inner self; feeling of inter connectedness with all the spirits ; in this context something metaphysical or rather psychological for one’s one comfort; also feeling of oneness with nature or universe )

Spirituality is neither Atheism nor theism. It is a process of seeking proofs , answers for believing that there’s only one supreme entity that binds everything in this magnificent multiverse. While religion can be your cultural identity , spirituality becomes your philosophy of life. For example , I was born in a Hindu household. Though I’m skeptic about certain customs and traditions ( which , of course , should’ve evolved with time) I respect the household traditions because it is my cultural identity. It is what defines me as an earthling. But , when it comes to my cosmic identity , to mark my position or existence in this endless space-time continuum , spirituality takes the supreme position.

Though there are many definitions for spirituality , in the end it is all about one’s journey with one’s inner self in merging with the ultimate cosmic flux , ie. what we term as the supreme consciousness.

Spirituality vs Skeptics

As I mentioned earlier , it is one’s own belief. There’s no hard and fast rule to follow this path of life. It is for our own comfort that we imbibe certain principles in life and try to strictly adhere to them. Some tenets or principles of spirituality may include :

  • Meditation – Trying to connect to the inner and higher self ( Again , something metaphysical , but in this context refers to the merging of conscious and sub-conscious state of one’s mind).

    Meditation is to attain inner peace  ie, to avoid the conflicting nature of mind and heart and also to put an end to the rising nihilist forces inside. It is to control your mind , to put an end to desires by controlling your thoughts. Though there are many types of meditation like Zen , Transcendental , Kundalini , Heartfulness , Raja yoga etc , the ultimate purpose of meditation is to achieve inner peace and become a better person as time passes by.


  • Treating every being with love: As reality  gets more and more subtle , A spiritual person treats everyone with love , care , empathy etc. This is because one understands that we are all a big gigantic family on earth. We need to help each other to live in peace.


  • Balancing different dimensions of existence: Spiritual people believe that their life exists on two dimensions ( not literally mistaken to be one of the 3 physical dimensions ; but rather like time which is counted as a fourth dimension). This is duality or dual nature of existence. We need to balance our life , feelings , emotions , thoughts etc on material and spiritual dimensions. Material dimension is something that we deal on day to day basis. It is what we do in real life , to survive in a society with positivity without harming anyone and by giving our two cents as human beings. Spiritual dimension is something that is personal , metaphysical again. It is firmly believing that the entire universe is in your mind. This will help us to achieve greater success in material life because everything starts with a thought. Heck , even the universe started with a thought. That is why we take thoughts seriously , as thoughts become actions and actions define us. Related image

These are the basics of Spirituality in general terms and not strictly dictionary definition. It is solely from my perspective.

So , why do we need spirituality? 

Sometimes , we might lose it. We might lose our temper and our ability to take things. We tend to become staunch Nihilists thinking that life is worthless , pointless and everything is just a waste of time. Spirituality gives you thousands of reasons to live. We end up in a mire of mediocrity sitting on the couch and sobbing about things that we always wanted to do. Spirituality puts you on a path that will make you realize your very purpose of existence as time passes by. That is why Buddha( Founder of Buddhism) did it , Vardhamana Mahavira did it ( Founder of Jain religion). We need to meditate , connect to our inner selves and find the meaning of our very existence. Regular meditation will help one achieve a control of thoughts in one’s mind.

 Meditate and liberate from the chaos




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Ek jali ایک جلی

پر سب کچھ ایک جلی تھی
موحبّت بس ایک گلی تھی
تداپ کر زندہ لوٹ آیا اس باطل سے
کچھ عجیب سی حالتو مے فر سے وو لوٹ یی تھی

Par sab kuch ek jali thi
Mohabbat bas ek gali thi
Tadap kar zinda laut aya us batil se
Kuch ajeeb si halato mei fir se vo laut ayi thi

Qayamat قیامت

دولت کی چکّر مے زندگی بھول دیا
ہر لمحے کی اہمیت کو چھینا بھول گیا
قیامت کی وقت آنے پر خدا نے کہا
کیسے نادان ہے تو جاہل
تو توہ جنّت مے جینا حیح بھول گیا

daulat ki chakkar mei zindagi bhul diya
har lamhe ki ahmiyat ko cheena bhul gaya
Qayamat ki waqt aane par khuda ne kaha
Kaisey nadaan hai tu jaahil
tu toh jannat mei jeena hi bhul gaya

Ye mohabbat یہ محبّت

جتنے بار بھی دور جاتی ہو تم
ہر لمحہ تنہری ہی کھال آتی ہے
اور یہ محبّت تمھاری وجود جیسے
وقت مے بہ کر چلی جاتی ہیں

Jitne baar bhi door jaati ho tum
Har lamha tumhari hi khial aati hai
Aur ye mohabbat tumhaari Wajood jaise
Waqt mei beh kar chali jaati hai