There’s no tomorrow

Image result for porch in the woods

You sit by the porch

gazing at those green swaying plants

sipping a cup of coffee

while kind of sobbing about your failed plans

you thought something 

life had something else in store

and there goes your dose of disappointment

killing the urge to yearn for more

more to innovate , more to evolve 

but you end up in a mire of mediocrity

a quick sand of absolute misery 

a swamp of haphazard habits 

and you get vexed up with how things go

But you don’t come in terms with life

and try to grab the nearest knife

wanting to end things once and for all

hold on right there..


things will get better

just get off the couch  

meet people , fix targets

connect with the divine souls 

smash ’em targets 

punch ’em ghouls

be ruthless and merciless like a warrior

flick those leeches and break the barriers

do whatever you love to 

and watch yourself get rid of all the “sorrow”

do not bog down because of life’s erratic plot twists

because there’s only right now and tomorrow doesn’t exist.

Image courtesy: Google

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