Your scent still lingers around

Day after day as I try to forget you

my attention is drawn towards a clue

A clue which is a sign of something platonic

Its your scent that lingers around my room

What is really happening?

Can’t this really end?

You don’t really seem to bother

because for you nothing has ever changed

As the scent hits my nose

I’m taken back to the memory lane 

where you were in turmoil shivering

and your eyes revealed all the pain

I still remember the fog 

coming out as you sighed with every breath

that day you wore a full sleeve sweater

and your hug  saved me from death

Why are you gone?

my practical example of platonic 

nevertheless ,your absence made me stronger

but your memories make me euphoric 

Some day , do look back and know that I was there

I hope you’ll come back for me

Even if you don’t budge back

my soul will anyway be set free



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