Rejections are better

If I wasn’t rejected 

I wouldn’t have learnt a skill or two

If it was not for her 

I’d be stagnated at the moment too

A few hundred rejections 

by world and whom I thought were the one

were the best things that happened to me

because now the real fun has begun

Life is not about falling in love with someone

Or even if you do it is about expressing and learning from it

because it is your true love for someone/something

that’ll teach you to get things done

After years of rejection and desolation

I’ve realized that they were the best teachers

 I thank them for all the motivation

and glad that I’m away from all the material leeches

So , if someone rejects you

and you still want to be ink to their feather

Mold yourself for better

so that circumstances will get you together

In case you get along in future

It means that you were destined to be

And even if it doesn’t happen

you’ll be guided to a better place , trust me! 




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