Learning from the darkest times

Tranquility of the pond side ,
Me,my soul and my heart – a barren moor ,
Sitting there staring at those ripples ,
and wondering if there was any cure .
The entire universe sometimes lets go ,
of its solicitude and vigilance towards you ,
leaving you on a deserted terrain ,
while you realize there was never a breakthrough .


I came on terms with the void ,
Drawing a line between loneliness of isolation ,
and the real comfort of solitude ,
And then wondering what’s with the desolation .


I try and try to not budge into the abyss ,
But sometimes end up failing to .
I’m just a human learning from all this misery ,
Aiming higher; for there’s a lot of learning to do .


This path I’ve taken now has lot many hurdles ,
It takes you Sometimes through the depths ,
It slides you through the roughs ,
But I’ve certainly learnt how to handle too many rebuffs.


I don’t know where I’m headed to ,
But as I walk by the photons begin to proliferate ,
Certainly leaving me with a ray of hope ,
that I’m  being guided to a higher state.


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