I’m the one you need but..

I’m the one you need

in distress and dire grief

in moments when you lose hope 

and in times of betrayal 

where you cannot cope

I’ll give you a few minutes of pleasure

giving a rush through your head

that numbs you out for a while

which is better than being dead

I’ll be your company for lifetime

I’ll be your buddy for rest will come and go by 

Use me you’ll apparently be safe

because I know how much the burden weighs

I’ll be there in the morning and in the night too

when you gaze through the skies and stars

wondering If you have any clue

of what’s with the silence and internal havoc

And I’ll still be there with you when you stroll..

But I  have few conditions..

While you use me , I’ll make you bleed from the inside

I’ll rot your lungs , your eyes , organs and heart

I’ll throw you in a bleak moor

and make you a slave of the void’s lure

I’ll cut you off from everything with permacold

and leave you in an imperishable netherworld

I’ll thicken your blood and corrupt your mind

drawing you to a world of maligned

I’ll be your true love but also the definition of HATE

Yes , my beloved human , I’m a mighty cigarette

Use me you’ll not be deceased now

Ignore me you’ll die inside of the brain fog

Love me and you’ll soon be gone

Quit me and I’ll guide you to a new dawn

If you forget me right now, you’ll rise and shine , I BET! 

Yes , I am your lover and hater, a mighty cigarette. 

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