I’ve learnt to embrace it

Ah, the silence of this night,
And this breeze being such a sedative,
Rushing through every nerve,
and solitude making it more addictive.

Those bright dots up there,
Tell us one story for sure,
like your presence they’re seen,
But never can be conquered.

How high is the possibility,
Of communicating beyond those stars.
The irony when we can’t talk being earthlings,
leaves nothing but ashes and scars.

I have moved on,
and so have you.
But one thing that is eternal,
is the love and craving too.

Somethings are meant to be left,
and some to be forgotten.
But what good will it do if you’re back,
When both our souls are completely rotten?

So, may be sometime in this space-time fabric,
If we’re destined to meet again,
We could ride, travel and binge together,
and happily submerge back to our astral plane.

Here I am, perfectly fine and sane,
Molding myself for better.
I just pray to the supreme entity,
that you receive my telepathic letter.

May be one fine day , it’ll be just me and you,
Or it’ll just be me and my soul, I’ve no clue.
Whatever it may be,
I’ve learnt to embrace the beauty of solitude.

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