I stand here taking bows

In this battle of life
I stand here taking arrows
Afraid Am I not for taking any more hits
For this legacy is what I should preserve
Wept have I enough and nagged
 dragging my body through the floor
The riot for survival of the  fittest has just begun
And my coffin would decide my score
 I mark my words , I’m a man of promises
Enough have I betrayed my beloved
And I swear on every heart beat of mine
that here on earth is where I have all my powers bestowed
If I could survive in a place
Where I did never belong 
I could certainly get my self of all the misery
while I embrace solitude trying  to get strong
This poem is an oath to myself 
A tribute to all the relapse and agony before
A list of personal testaments for a new rise
A promise of words for there’s a lot more to explore

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