To find peace

If you want to find peace in the world around you and want to make it a better place to live , first you need to find peace with in yourself. Connect yourself with the divine portal. Harness all the infinite energy that exists in the universe through your mind ; for it is the most complex energy transmission tower that the universe has ever seen. Channel all your thoughts for becoming one with the universal flux or the energy that binds everything in the multiverse.

This will not only make the world a better place to live in but also will open gates to endless possibilities of your mind which can do wonders.

Cultivate the habit of positive thinking no matter what. You could die right now and if you were sad then your existence would’ve been pointless. Instead take all the miseries as signs of good will from the supreme energy that is guiding you for a better future.

The day you’ll learn to control your mind completely and conquer your desires , will be the day when the mankind will see a ray of hope , a sign of evolution , a happy beginning of a millennial revolution that will take us further into future without wars and other negative elements that exist here. If the universe was created one a single thought , then surely one such powerful thought has the ability to end all the miseries on earth ; for thoughts become actions and actions become reality.

So , how to find peace within yourself irrespective whatever state you’re in?

  • Be thankful to the supreme power that has bought you to existence here on earth. You’ve been sent here on a purpose. That purpose is hidden deep inside your mind. To find that , you need to connect to your inner self. With this , you will also find peace with in yourself because you’ll know the truth and stay happy by being aware of minute things around.
  • Forgive yourself for all that you’ve done. Instead , get over it and start doing things in a better way than before. Think more , set targets , do whatever that keeps you happy but in doing good.
  • Cultivate the habit of staying in eternal constant remembrance of that source that has bought you here on earth. With this habit , you’ll tend to make less mistakes and innovate more , for you’ll realize that you’re under scrutiny of the supreme entity.
  • Try to make an impact wherever you go. This can range from being nice to everyone you meet , engaging in small-talk with the downtrodden that could actually make their day , helping someone without expectations and cultivating some strong habits that would actually motivate people around you to do better in life.
  • Keep learning new things every day and learn from anything and everything around you. No one is perfect but one can master his/her mind by learning from the world around.
  • Realize that reason for depression , anxiety and other psychological  issues is having desires. Get rid of  desires for once and all and see the beauty of the world. Desires can be anything that may be a hindrance to your evolution like dependencies – social media , greed for money and material things , alcohol-tobacco-drug addictions etc.
  • Try to think of ways about how you can make this world a better place to live. Observe the world , find problems around and also try to find viable solutions for them.

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