Live and let live

With so many alien civilizations out there, why haven’t we found them, or why haven’t they found us? That is because of the obvious reason that we are a self-destructing race, where we don’t know how to live in peace and haven’t learnt to love our fellow humans in the first place.

I just want to remind you people that there’s very little time on earth left. By the time you realize and try to let your heart out, poof, everything will be gone, in a jiffy. Just like the burst of wind on a pile of leaves before the arrival of a storm.

So, I remind you humans of your privileges. You are stronger than you think, wiser than you are and have a purpose to live. That purpose is love. So , do justice to your time on this tiny planet and live whole heartedly without any regrets.
We need to focus on our mental, physical, material and spiritual evolution. Change will be observed soon only when we start working on ourselves and re-consider our position in this endless space-time grid. Do justice to your existence, for the glory of The Galactic Federation Of Light, of course!

The art of thought shifting

Have you ever wondered what’d happen to you because of the high intensity of negative thoughts hitting your head? It could be any negative thought that either got triggered because of some provoking thing you saw or something new that activated a series of reactions in your brain.

So , why do we get these negative thoughts?

  • It is common to get negative thoughts. This happens of daily basis as we encounter new things , new people , good/bad. It is our duty to duly brush them off as and when we get such thoughts.
  • Our brain has the capacity to absorb anything and everything and then process it trying to analyze if it is good or bad. So , when you absorb something bad , just let it pass by. Don’t try hard or pressurize yourself. It’ll just go away.
  • Our daily habits are also responsible for such negative thoughts. Try to change one thing at a time in your daily life so that you experience a good and positive life full of vibrancy around you.
  • We also get such thoughts because we end up staying idle for a while. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

What is thought shifting?

  • It involves distracting yourself in that moment that put you in disgust by giving you a negative thought.
  • Thought shifting can be anything ranging from doing chores , helping in running errands , talking to friends/family members etc.
  • It is same like taking bath. We take shower/bath because we need to get rid of those negative things that get accumulated on the skin. In a similar way , thoughts as such must be removed from the mind so that we evolve in a progressive manner.

How to go about it?

  • Grab a book. Write down the intensity of thoughts. Write solutions to it accordingly that suits your thinking.
  • Cultivate a hobby. Music,creative writing , reading healthy stuff , sketching , cooking , walking , socializing etc. This will keep you engaged and also give you little time to get negative thoughts.
  • Meditation. Spend time with yourself to brush off those thoughts.
  • Change your habits. If you are someone who constantly whines , talks about other people , concerned more about what others are doing , stop right there. Its okay to have done that. We’re all humans. But in retrospect to that , try to change that behavior. Cultivate the habit of thinking twice before you say. Saying anything/everything that comes to your mind will wreck your relationships  with people.
  • Remember , everyone is nice. It is your inability to resist BS. Work on this. Find life full of joy and pleasure.
  • Avoid watching anything that invokes negativity. Watch / read healthy stuff.
  • Assure yourself that it will just last a while and then if you could survive that bit , you’ll do amazing in life.
  • Be tough. Life will beat you , throw you in dungeons , leave you deserted , but it is your ability to pick yourself up every time you fall down that  matters the most. Keep walking ignoring all the negativity.
  • Set goals , targets. Ruthlessly smash them.
  • Avoid over-procrastination.

It is easy. One thing at a time. One habit at a time. Over days , weeks and months you’ll observe subtle changes in yourself. Go ahead , unleash the beast in you and be the best!