Autopsy of an earthling

Here’s a sci-fi short-story through poetry. This has a moral and do figure it out and introspect. Hope you have fun reading this.

Long  ago , a million light years away from us

A highly evolved culture existed

Noble were their deeds and their souls

to all the nearby galaxies they assisted

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They helped different downtrodden cultures

to evolve and move on to higher states

Woke them all up from their retrograde progress

and they opened all the existing heavenly gates


Such wise and pure the saintly were

Negative energy was non-existent

Love replaced oxygen in their celestial sphere

And in building bonds mostly their time was spent 


They were highly advanced than earthlings

Who could heal anything that came their way

Once they found some thing floating in their space

’twas a body of an E.T  left during a galactic trail

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These beings who found the body 

Took a glance at it and decoded the DNA

 and identified it to be someone from  planet  “earth”

What they discovered startled them right away

Image result for alien lab

Dumbfounded they were post autopsy

because they never experienced such negativity

The earthlings’ body was full of dark energy 

which was found for the first time in their history


Maybe they didn’t know what war and hatred was

their evolution was million years more than that of earth

They decided to heal the planet of the captive they found

and decided to clean all the filth and dirt 

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They couldn’t travel to earth being disguised

But they could do only one thing to save 

They mixed their DNA with the man’s

and put him back to life from the grave


They were a million light years away from earth

and had to search for a worm-hole 

They had to heal earthlings because they knew it was worth 

And they surely trusted his soul 

Image result for interstellar space travel

The man finally entered earth after 18 Y E.Time

 saw that there was havoc all around

Shocked was he after seeing his new appearance

because he was 20 years younger now


He was sent on a mission 

to save the earth from destruction

He started working on everyone’s brain frequency

to save them from wars and any alien abduction


His mind was a transmission tower

of highly-evolved and intensified energy

His thought frequency could liberate the slaves

and once it was done , his soul would be set free.


So , there are people like the one above

in and around us on earth

Who are monitoring every activity of yours

right from the time of your birth


Keep in mind before doing any wrong deed

these warriors instantly fire karma shots towards you

Because they want everyone to wake up and rise

so that to a new highly-evolved state , the earth can move to. 


–  Poorna Chandra

Image courtesy: Google images







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