A movie I saw that didn’t have a name

A movie I saw , didn’t have a name

’twas projected in  first person view 

Quite underrated and it lacked fame 

But somehow , It felt like deja vu 

The movie cut through many phases

Each frame irrelevant to the other 

Though the story was split in stages

The climax bought everything together

First stage was where the childhood began

Any action in this phase was adorable 

No deed was termed as a sin

And the story was smooth and stable

In the second , the hero struggled a bit

to scrape through his high school

battling those bullies ,he stood up for himself

and everyone knew he was super cool

Lot of friends did the hero make

Some worth the bond and some fake 

First time here , he fell in love 

and was devastated by a cardiac quake

He survived the bit and moved on 

Hoping to learn something new

His progress was kind of prolonged

because about his new peers , he didn’t have a clue

Peer pressure  was ruling his mind

All the energy was used in junk

He thought life was pretty unkind

because his ship had already sunk 

Not knowing what to do, 

He gave up on life because things weren’t right

He moved on without further ado 

Not hoping for a brighter day after a bizarre night

Pulled into the nugatory 

The devil replaced his soul 

wrong things  he started doing

That’s when it took a toll 

Blasphemy and cynicism

were a part of his day

Hurling through the void

his soul was torn and betrayed

The devil being the dude 

put this man to shame 

freezing  every emotion in him

and that’s when a divine charm came

She was the most beautiful thing

that this man ever saw 

Not knowing how to react 

his words ended being mere blah 

She , being the divine princess

reacted to him with ease

not wanting him to suffer the rebuff

 but still he fell to his knees

She waited and waited all day along 

months and years passed by 

Not a slightest clue of his comfort was found

when she budged back again to keep an eye

She suffered the same as he did too 

and she now knew what to do 

It was to get him off all the scrap

And somehow they both pulled through

But still there was something that kept them apart

clueless about how to go along with the confession

So , both decided to have a new start

and then began , a new ascension 

Both busy and occupied in their lives

Not exposing a slightest hint about their craving

they survived on those nostalgic archives

that they together had written in the beginning 

One fine day , they bumped into each other

Their eyes  did all the talking 

Solace , they found  with each other

And they happily started walking 

There was no villain anymore 

There was no negativity around

They happily sat along the shore 

and their happiness was their bond 

It was climax already by now 

A new journey had begun 

after walking through miles of burning coals

All the misery came to an end

In the end when the deju vu intensified 

I knew it was my destiny being projected in my brain

I was my hero and I was my villain all the while

And I was living a movie that didn’t have a name. 

-Poorna Chandra

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