Throttles over bottles

In the beginning of dawn, one foggy morning
I woke up earlier than expected
The essence of reality wasn’t quite convincing
So, I decided to take my ride for a spin
While I was enjoying my company as always
I heard a loud noise, which I presumed to be a military parade
The ground started shaking unusually,
and the vibrations intensified 

It was a cavalcade of bikers out of no where
I could see them all united irrespective of their ride
moments of joy, gossips and laughter they shared
Throttling over the asphalt,  they were armoured up with pride
It soon became “us” when I joined them
We rode across the cities and highways
There was no itinerary and Our destination was unknown
But we did ride through curves and twists which gave us solace
We parted ways and bid farewell
With memories to cherish and stories to tell
I continued my journey with my only company in the world
Which was always there for me whenever I fell

I rode through the empty highway stretches
some filled with chaos and some deserted
 life looked still like those portrait sketches
And that was it , My life was sorted


Two wheels and one soul forever it was
Such a great spiritual journey indeed 
Sometimes we need to get off the reality and rejuvenate 
and in those times traveling is what we need 


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