Devil’s lettuce it was called 

Devils lettuce  it was  called

It did draw a lot of attention

There was something special about it

and its magical euphoric ascension

It seduced the entire body

slacked one’s senses of perception

and once a rip was taken ,

it would hit the head like the sting of a scoprion

Those slaves of psychreich didn’t know

 that the grass was playing its game

Devils lettuce  it was called

There was an infamous charm in its name

Disrupting the entire cognitive process

effects of havoc could be seen

Devils lettuce  it was called

making reality look like a mere dream

It was slow poison in actuality

rushing slowly , damaging every human cell

Devil’s lettuce it was called

its absence would make reality a living hell

So , what was devils lettuce?

It was pure venom in disguise

And the after math could be observed years later

When one’s boat in real life would capsize

Stay away from it as much as you can

for some mistake it to be something sacred

Once hooked, It will kill your ability to innovate

and would leave you with perpetual regret

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