Good ol’ days – Growing up in India

Reminiscing the early days

fills the eyes with happy tears

where the best place in world was

mom’s lap , dad’s shoulder when there were no fears

Growing up through childhood

gave the most memories to cherish

riding bicycle with friends all day along and

eating cheap street food is something I’ll forever relish

Cousins would come home

and we’d plug in our video game console

Contra or super mario? we’d debate

and rescuing the princess would be our only goal

Festivals , ah , such good ol’ days

We’d fly kites , burst crackers and spray colors

sankaranthi, diwali and holi with cousins were the best times

so were the savouries and sweets prepared by our mothers

Growing up with almost negligible technology

gave our generation something important to learn

that happiness is merely an inside job

Sigh , the essence of those days is what I’ll forever yearn 

Gadgets and plethora of abysmal things

are destroying the moments of current generation

which leaves us sad and fills our heart with remorse

putting the newcomers in a feeling of alienation

How could one forget the visit to grandma’s home

which was more like a bank of love

Filled with food , love and endless moments of laughter

Which is hard to digest , ‘Cause grandma is no more

She was the best thing in this entire universe

She’d forgive for all the mischief

And would feed till my tummy hurted

and now that she’s not there , it puts me in dire grief

Now when I miss her , I scroll through the album

and tears of nostalgia slowly drip down

Knowing those moments of eternal joy will never come

I buckle up and slowly move on

I wonder why time passes so quickly

Leaving only memories as the wealth in reality

God , If I had one chance and one wish

I’d go back to the unforgettable 90s

Apart from growing up in India

I don’t know what else a true treasure is 

Where joy was  found in simplest of things

and its memories give me eternal peace 

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