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Acid rains, earthquakes and rising calamities
Increasing sufferings, destruction and rising casualties 
Brilliant humans expecting everything at their doorstep
But when nature shouts out loud they remain absolutely deaf
No trees, no nature, just fumes and oil spill
Buildings and wreckage around with kilometers of land fill
The richest man on earth sold oxygen, said it was 100000 $ per tree
Rob looked at his wife breathing his last before jumping into Black Baltic sea
Suicide was rather easy,  than breathing 8 percent of oxygen
With 10000 ppm of PM 2.5 and rain water droplets burning the skin
Last set of bureaucrats sighed in angst
The millions of their dollars didn’t make sense in the banks
If only one man could plant a tree or more
He’d have realized that each of its value was beyond  crores
But what could he do
for he was too busy paying no heed to nature
He couldn’t think broad for a second
about the mortalities in future
It was too late now and the last man on earth said
“I wish I could plant that one tree and how was empathy never in my head?
I was a coward,  a sinner and was swayed with greed,
If only I understood back then that nature was what we need,
I could alone have inspired a thousand to plant
And the thousand could’ve spread the message and lent a hand
to nature that always protected and nurtured us all
and protected us from any threats leading to a civilizational fall.” 
The last man on earth breathed his last
And earth was milkyway’s failed experiment
The supreme entity wept , was left aghast
about such a catastrophic event
Because there were around 8 billion of them on earth
And none of the mightiest of men and women were ever worth. 
The supreme entity closed the galactic diary named “Earth- failed chapter
Promising himself to never create such heinous mix of DNA, thereafter.
– Poorna Chandra
Image courtesy: Google images


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