You’re the greatest of all creations

Thou art One of  universe’s greatest creation.
Among those 100 billion galaxies,
with each having more than a billion stars
out of all those supernovae , quasars , nebulae – only you?


Constant radio bursts hitting our reign,
There’s something more than just our earthly plane,
Of all the waves scattered in the multiverse,
why are they even targeting us?


Potentially we may be the most advanced,
or we may be the most downtrodden.
Not because of scarcity of things,
but we’re popular for self destruction.


3rd dimensional love stories filled with,
hate , grudge and broken relations.
A little higher around the 5th  you’ll find,
twin flames working together for future generations.


Its never too late to realize about our potential,
Harness your energies as much as you can.
Leave thy past , those rejections as well,
‘Cause we have a little more than average life span.


– Poorna Chandra

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