When it all started

I remember how it all started ,
one glance and our eyes met.
Only to know we had to be parted,
and years later I tried to forget.


How’d I know I’d get a nudge?
One fine day, years later ..
Again into your life I tried to budge,
and ended up being  a gruesome hater.


Of course , I was too dumb and I was too naive,
one of those times when distilled spirits did the talking.
When it was all about living in clouds of mayhem 
and into the abyss I continued walking…


Again ,I tried to forget all the misery,
that I was liable to before.
Only to have received that text from you,
is that what destiny had in the store?


Deceived yet again , I was done for once and all,
knowing this love will always take a toll on me.
I never looked back again after the fall,
I meditated ,liberated and was set free!


–  Poorna Chandra

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