Time is an illusion

This multiverse is an endless void,
Our reality is a simulation,
True love is a myth and,
Time is just an illusion.


We’re Blinded by our fears,
And sabotaged by mayhem,
This simulated reality is nothing but
A galactic puppet show by them.


Some do make it, but some never try,
Eternal loathing is what they know.
The one’s who are out have demystified,
that this garbled reality is one man’s show.


Towards revelation the awakened are led,
the ultimatum is never ending.
The purpose , as ever , remains to us as one,
for time is just trying to blend in.


As in the end , we get to know,
loving each other – the only solution.
No more wars , lust , greed and chaos,
Its time to focus on our galactic evolution.


– Poorna Chandra

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