Thank you for everything , supremacy!

Your energy is omnipresent,
always there to heal.
your cosmic flux is what I feed on,
every second and also for every meal.

Everything almost came to an end,
when suddenly I felt lifted,
Prayers and the telepathy,
made me feel gifted.
For once I glanced back ,
gave my past a smirk ,
Thy holiness , it was gruesome
and one gigantic jerk.

Its you the supreme consciousness which is why I’m here ,
From now its nothing that I will ever fear ,
Just as you guide I shall always do and preach ,
The godly dimension is ultimately where I want to reach.

Its now quite obvious that
every deed and word matters a lot ,
A celestial shield to protect all.
is what I bought.

I’m here disguised as an earthly being
to guard and guide my brethren to glory ,
And I’m A chunk of the amorphous
here to protect my  territory.

Every cell of mine thanks thy guidance
holy galactic dominion
and my existence here
is one of universe’s best decision.

Thank you for every atom in me,
and thank you for creating ME.
Lets rendezvous somewhere in the multiverse,
once my soul is set free!

– Poorna Chandra

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