Persevere and focus – Conquer your desires

How exquisite is the path to nirvana
that molds you to the best of all cosmos ,
Helping you embrace the comfort of solitude,
and not knowing if time flows or froze.


Everything comes to a stand still ,
once you’ve entrenched absorbing the vector codes ,
from beyond distant galaxies sent by highest ones ,
who guide you to glory and show you different roads .


My brethren , do not worry if you’re guzzled by nihility,
or if you’re struggling to battle your dependencies ,
for one day will come , where you’ll be the phoenix
and put an end to all the agony and tendencies.


Your heart will do good , so will your soul,
where you resume to life from all the cessation,
Because , in the end ,
only he who conquers his desires
is the greatest of all mankind
than the one who conquers a civilization .


– Poorna Chandra

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