I’m everything that’s in your mind

I’m the darkness , I’m the shadow
that dwells in your mind down there in the deep..
Where you have only two ways ; good or bad,
For every action of yours , you shall reap!

I’m silence , I’m the stillness,
that crawls through  when you sleep.
I’m their night mare and their gloom,
and all their valor will be sweeped.

Don’t let them know  the duality,
‘Cause the flip side is real horrid.
Just hustle through your endeavors,
Even when the path is damn torrid!

To each his own,
Each has his power.
Don’t let anything get you down,
at any second , minute or hour!

Don’t stop the forces in your head,
just be calm and kind.
Because I’m the ever expanding multiverse,
that lives in your mind!

– Poorna Chandra

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