Don’t budge into the dark!

A poem on depression and its very nature. It can be fought. Its just a phase. Its just a state of mind that can be changed in a jiffy! 


When everything goes down the hill ,
and the world around you becomes still,
 it is darkness with whom you’ve to fight ,
and defeat it for the glory of light,


Don’t whack yourself out and stay doomed out and dull,
there’s definitely a way out there back from the null.
Only to realize it was all in your head,
I swear to god darkness , I’ll drop you dead!”


“You can’t escape this misery” , whispered a voice from the dark,
I retorted back with a smile and a mighty spark.
It was just another day of invasion from the void ,
And I had fought ruthlessly without getting paranoid!


The battle was over ,
like a phoenix I’d risen,
In moments like this,
Its your instincts to whom you should listen.


Depression is evil , and it is horrendous too!
It can be fought back with ease , get the warrior out in you!
The one who has survived heartbreaks and death ,
and the mighty one who will fight till the last earthly breath!


One fine day , when you look’ll realize it was all worth it. 
Don’t let few minutes of anxiety , paranoia and hopelessness take a toll on your life. 
Darkness is everywhere around the universe. Harness your golden cosmic energy , sweet child of divine! 

– Poorna Chandra


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