You’ll survive – This too shall pass

Sometimes nothing around you makes sense,
Sometimes the forces in your head become too intense,
How will I survive this?“, you’ll actually wonder,
and you’ll feel like your existence is one big cosmic blunder!


The brain stops working , so does every nerve,
“What’s with the doom?, is this what I deserve?”
It’s just an endurance test, whispered a heavy voice,
That apparently leaves you with only one choice.


You can end everything right there or ruthlessly move on,
Or survive the nightmare and pull it off till dawn.
I asked myself for once, is this all worth?
And does my existence matter here On earth?


I set my self off on a quest to attain nirvana,
Right there in my cocoon I sat – my spiritual sauna.
To liberate from the worldly affairs was my only trail,
And connecting to the divine portal was my holy grail.


Finally it was over, I had survived the melancholy,
by connecting to the supreme entity which to me is extremely holy.
Lastly, like curt wrote in his letter, I have to say,
That It is better to burn out than to fade away!


 – Poorna Chandra

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