When the stillness comes..

When the stillness comes,
And the doom is near,
It’s time to bid farewell,
To the place you belonged here.

Nothing makes more sense,
And everything’s lost its charm,
Except for dad’s smile, brother’s laugh and mother’s divinely warmth.

I wish I could beg for forgiveness ,
For all the evil things I did,
But I have no sorrows and regrets,
‘Cause I lived above the grid.

The only regret is to understand this world,
Which I failed to , I hereby unfold,

I lost myself somewhere in fighting with my soul,
And I was dragged into an inexorable black hole.
I just beg the supreme power to guide me through,
Now that I grew and have a clue,
Of what’s past me and what was past,

Past isn’t really prologue, unless today is the last.
So it won’t make a difference if you never meet “the one”
because they’re already you.

In the world full of evil,lust,hatred and greed,
You’re the only person you’ll always need.


So , when in turmoil , just hold on.

even if the world around you has lost its glory,

harness all your energy into something before you’re gone,

Now is the time to start writing a beautiful story.

–  Poorna Chandra

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