We’re here to heal and love

We’ve been called down
to this lonely speck of dust ,
to love each other,
and build up our earthly trust.
We’re here to live and let live,
to embrace the beauty of life..
for this is the only purpose of our existence on earth,
so let our presence be the divinely warmth put out from a hearth.
Biggest irony of the 14 billion year old evolution is that,
We take birth only to kill through wars one another,
and failed to empathize with each other and forget that
we’re being watched by supreme consciousness – our divine mother!
We’re the last resort call,
to put an end to all the agony.
Let our presence give out cosmic vibes,
and our words be mere symphony.
Everything has come to an end,
and something has to be done,
for the survival of our species,
So , lets join hands and come together as one!
We’ve hated each other enough so much that,
the only thing left is to love one another,
and put angst at bay.
Now , toughen up soldiers ,
we need to get back all that we’ve lost in time.
Because the day is not so far,
when living on this planet would be a galactic crime!


–  Poorna Chandra

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