Twist of fate


Her:The night sky shined bright,
He:While being sucked by the void, I saw some light.
Her:But couldn’t reach out,
He:I really did see someone beautiful, I had to shout.
Her:Silenced by my voice though, she could still hear my heart,
He:Ignorance is a bliss? It hit me like a dart.
Her:Grasping my heart she soothed the pain,
He:She then dragged me back from the dark into the rain.
Her:And Her smile so pure I was following her lure,
He:It was done , she was the cure.
Her:Together hand in hand we wrote,
He:We then started our journey on the same boat.
Her:Finally into a new morning I awoke,
He:The journey was indeed beautiful, we wholeheartedly spoke.
Her: With emotions not with words,
He: We battled through winds, storms and blizzards.
Her:And that’s when I knew it, felt it,
He:We drove into the woods , where our campfire was lit.
Her:In the warmth of the fire we sat,
He:Pointing towards milky way , she said ,” look at that“.
Her:It was our destiny written in the sky,
He:Staring into her eyes at that moment got me high.
Her:I was lost once again, I sighed,
He:Lost in the alter dimension, where the bond never died.
Her:And by all my promises I stood by,
He:So did I, I could never see her cry.

As a twist of fate , their bond ceased to exist.

–  Poorna Chandra and anonymous

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