Rise of the Fallen

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Howling from the grave ,
after the last earthly breath ,
where none came to save,
but did the mighty god of death.


I became the fallen one,
also a prisoner of the dark,
and every atom of mine was buried,
at the black water park.


Time stopped passing,
and stillness all around,
I was lurking to find hope,
and not a single soul was found.


Between heaven and hell,
my soul wept in torment,
they called it the abyss ;
the eternity of the damned.


Slowly gaining conscious,
after being shackled into oblivion,
a ray of hope hit the ground,
lifting me  to the horizon.


Time picked up its pace,
and I gently got up the ground,
riding a flesh covered skeleton,
where earthlings were all around.


I was pampered by the angels-
my earthly consciousness said.
After being tortured by the demons,
to the paradise I was lead.


I had risen from the dark,
that marked the Rise of the fallen one,
I never looked back into those alleys ,
because a new journey  had begun.


I’ve seen eternal love in heaven,
and I’ve seen the anguish of hell,
Heaven is here on earth-
A place where I’ll forever dwell!


I was the fallen one,
who from the agony had fled,
and the sufferings were forever gone,
because I arose from the dead.


– Poorna Chandra
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